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Photo of Monica Osborne

Monica Osborne

Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies

Division: Humanities/Teacher Education Division
Office: Cultural Arts Center (CAC) 103a
Phone: 310-506-6305
Fax: 310-506-7307

  • Ph.D., Purdue University
  • M.A., Loyola Marymount University
  • B.A., Vangard University
  • Contemporary American Literature
  • Jewish Literature
  • Literary Studies
  • Post-WWII German Film
Key Awards/Affiliations:
  • Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Holocaust and World Culture at UCLA 2008-2010
  • Co-Founder of North American Levinas Society
  • School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University (2007)
  • President of Modern Language Association Jewish-American Literature Discussion Group (2011)
Academic Interests:
  • 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature
  • American Comedy
  • Emmanuel Levinas
  • Ethics and Representation
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Holocaust Literature and Film
  • Jewish Literature and Culture
  • Midrash
  • Post-9/11 Fiction
  • Post-WWII German Film
Selected Works:
  • "Judaism's Third Pillar." The New Republic (The Book). 2012
  • "Springtime For Hitler." The New Republic (The Book): 2011.
  • "Hollywood Rabbi: Probing the Never-Ending Questions of Woody Allen." Companion to Woody Allen. Eds. Peter J. Bailey and Sam Girgus. 2013
  • "Making the Wound Visible: On Midrash and Catastrophe." Religion and Literature 43.2 Special Editor, Alicia Suskin Ostriker. 2011
  • "Magic and Horror: The Short Fiction of Steve Stern and Nathan Englander." Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Contemporary Jewish-American Fiction. Ed. Derek Parker Royal. Purdue UP: 2011
  • "Reading Darkness: The Key, the Letter, and the Beginning." Introduction to special issue on Levinas and Narrative. Co-written with Sandor Goodhart. Modern Fiction Studies 54.1 (2008). 1-19
  • "The Midrashic Impulse: Reading Cynthia Ozick's Heir to the Glimmering World Against Representation." Studies in American Jewish Literature 26 (2007): 21-34.
  • WJSA (Western Jewish Studies Association), Los Angeles 2013, "Laughter and the Ethical in a Post-Holocaust World"
  • NALS (North American Levinas Society), Anchorage, Alaska, 2012, "Levinas and Lebanon: Reading Love, War, Land, and Identity in One Israeli Film."
  • BINA Los Angeles, 2011 "Dropping the H(olocaust)-Bomb: The Ethics of Post-9/11 Comedy"
  • Trauma Conference (New Approaches to Trauma: Bridging Theory and Practice), Arizona State University, 2010. "Making the Wound Visible: On Representation and Catastrophe."
  • NALS (North American Levinas Society), Toulouse, France, 2010. "Interrupting Violence: The Photography of Adi Nes."
  • "After Representation: On Metonymy and Catastrophe," UCLA Symposium: Aesthetics after the Holocaust, February 2010
  • ALA (American Literature Association), San Francisco, CA, 2010. "On Midrash and Disaster: The Post- Holocaust Fiction of Anne Michaels."
  • AJS (Association of Jewish Studies), Los Angeles, CA, 2009, Organized Panel: "Midrash and Memory: New Responses to the Holocaust in the Work of Dara Horn, Ehud Havazelet, and Anne Michaels" to Presentation: "Revealing the Wound About Which We Cannot Speak: Fugitive Pieces and the Midrashic Impulse."
  • AJS (Association of Jewish Studies), Los Angeles, CA, 2009, Roundtable Participant: "Continental Philosophy and the Demand of Jewish Literature," with Adam Zachary Newton, Menachem Feuer, and Sandor Goodhart.
  • Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009, "Bearing (False) Witness: Survivor and Second Generation Narratives in Anne Michaels' Fugitive Pieces."
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) Conference, San Francisco, CA, December, 2008, "Midrash, Tradition, and the Holocaust: A Re-Examination of the Work of Cynthia Ozick."
  • Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008, "Midrash and the Work of Dara Horn."
  • NALS (North American Levinas Society), Seattle, WA, September 2008, "Throwing Commandment Overboard: Levinas and Dara Horn's In the Image"
  • NALS (North American Levinas Society) Conference, Purdue University, June 2007, "Murderous Ethics in Krzysztof Kieslowski's A Short Film About Killing"
  • ALA (American Literature Association) Conference, Boston, MA, May 2007, "Against Representation: Cynthia Ozick, E.L. Doctorow, and Midrashic Thinking"
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 2006 "So that speaking might not stop at the word": Silence, Midrash, and Holocaust Representation"
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