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Our Story

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"There are many good colleges and universities which can give you standard academic training, but if our school does not give you more than that, it really has no reason to exist. We want to present to you, in teaching and example, the Christian way of life. We do not compel you to accept it. You are free to make your own choice, but we want you to know what it is."

– George Pepperdine, Dedicatory Address, November 1937



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George Pepperdine founded his namesake university in 1937 with the singular vision of cultivating a community of the highest academic standard, while fostering the faith-based traditions of Churches of Christ. Mr. Pepperdine believed that higher education institutions must dedicate themselves to the total development of students and he devoted his life to that endeavor.

Seaver Mission

Seaver College graduates pictured on graduation day tossing their graduation caps in the air

Seaver is the liberal arts college within the greater Pepperdine University. Selective in enrollment and committed to the highest academic standards, Seaver College exists to prepare students of diverse economic, social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to become moral and intellectual leaders and to challenge them to value service above material success.

Affirmation Statement

Two female students embracing each other while a background figure holds a LOQUI pamphlet

Seaver College is committed to developing students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. It is within this framework that students grow spiritually during their years at Pepperdine. Here, students are free to accept or reject Biblical teachings, though they are challenged to investigate their faith in order to arrive closer to their purpose and place in this world.

Strategic Plan

Aerial picture of Seaver College's Malibu Campus including a view of the Pacific Ocean

In conjunction with President Andrew K. Benton's Boundless Horizons initiative, the Seaver College Strategic Plan lays the foundation for how we plan to advance scholarship, create lifelong learners, build a faith community, promote global understanding, advance diversity, and honor God and heritage by implementing innovative, purposeful plans and developing resources strategically.