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Graduate Admission and Certificate Programs

Seaver College is the flagship liberal arts college within the Pepperdine University family of schools. The college offers master's degree programs and a post-baccalaureate certificate program for scholars seeking growth and mastery within their disciplines.


The individual seeking admission to a graduate or post-baccalaureate certificate program at Seaver College is expected to have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to the time of graduate matriculation. Individuals who have attended colleges which are not regionally accredited will receive advanced standing only as approved by the appropriate academic division. Only those applicants who show substantial promise of successfully completing the graduate course of study for which they apply are accepted.

Seaver Graduate Programs and Application Deadlines

Graduate program applications will be available each year on October 1st. It is best to apply well in advance of the initial term for which the applicant plans to enroll. Completed files will be processed and evaluated by the Graduate Admission Committee. Full consideration cannot be assured to applicants who fail to meet the application deadlines. 

 Nutritional Science Certificate Program - Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (NSCP-ISPP)

Certificate Offered

Nutritional Science Certificate Program - Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (NSCP-ISPP)

Program Description

Designed for post-baccalaureate Nutritional Science majors from both Seaver College and external applicants interested in becoming Registered Dietitians (RD). This program will offer field service volunteer experiences and associated professional/academic education in clinical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, public health and foodservice management.

Minimum of 24 units of coursework.

Nutritional Science Certificate Application Deadlines

Priority Deadline April 15
Final Deadline April 25

Housing and Residence Life


Degrees Offered

Master of Arts in Religion

Master of Science in Ministry

Master of Divinity

Joint Master of Divinity and the Juris Doctorate

Program Description

Three graduate curricula emphasizing academic rigor and inquiry, in preparation for Christian ministry or further graduate study.


  • Master of Arts in Religion - 34 units
  • Master of Science in Ministry - 36 units
  • Master of Divinity - 66 units (+ 3 courses in Greek, and 3 courses in Hebrew)

Religion Application Deadlines

Fall Term Spring Term
Application Deadline: March 31 Application Deadline: October 31

The GRE exam is waived for Fall 2022 applications. However, you will still need to select a GRE date in order to submit the application. Please list 01/01/2022 as your GRE date.

Housing and Residence Life

 Screen and Television Writing

Degree Offered

Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Screen and Television

Program Description

Pepperdine's MFA in writing for screen and television prepares students to pursue vocations as screenwriters as well as to become cultural leaders in the entertainment industry. Hollywood professionals nurture, train, and support students in writing workshops and in courses that examine the storyteller in conversation with contemporary culture. We take a values-centered approach to education and work to strengthen student lives in purpose, service, and leadership.

Other Pepperdine Graduate Degree Offerings

 Graziadio Business School

Pepperdine's Graziadio School provides a broad spectrum of programs designed for individuals at every level of professional development, from those just beginning their careers to senior executives. It offers both master's degrees and a bachelor's degree for full and part time students. The Graziadio School can prepare you to succeed in a world expanding exponentially with new opportunities.

Graziadio Business School website

 Graduate School of Education and Psychology

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) at Pepperdine University offers wonderful opportunities to pursue an advanced degree. If you love scholarly work and want to make a difference in the world, then graduate education is for you. If you want to be engaged and focused in sustained work, and at the same, time develop personal relationships with faculty and other students, then GSEP is for you.

Graduate School of Education and Psychology website

 Caruso Caruso School of Law

The sustaining principle of Pepperdine's law school is quite simple: lawyers treat their clients the way their law professors treated them. Although our faculty is composed of outstanding classroom teachers, the greatest impact on your life and career will not be what you learn in the classroom. Rather, the impact will be what you learn from conversations in your professors' offices, how they greet you in the hallways, what you feel after talking with a professor about a personal struggle or family tragedy affecting your studies, and the fact that they know you as a person, not a faceless student. Pepperdine graduates are trained to treat their future clients with respect and kindness. They are trained to give advice that recognizes all issues facing the client, not just the technical, legal ones. Using the traditional name for our profession, Pepperdine lawyers are "counselors at law."

Caruso School of Law website

 School of Public Policy

Whatever one's political views, those who shape public policy today are confronted by challenges of unprecedented magnitude. In no field is there a greater need for the moral, ethical, and spiritual paradigm that the founding mission and enduring philosophy of Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy encourages. Pepperdine's strong focus on the student at the heart of the educational enterprise is especially fitted to nurture the next generation of policy leaders dedicated to making a profound difference.

School of Public Policy website

Contact Us

 Graduate Program Contacts

Seaver College Graduate Programs Office

Pepperdine University
Thornton Administrative Center, 3rd Floor
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263-4280

Assistant Dean: Dana Dudley  
Phone: 310.506.4280

Program Manager: Leslie Seah
Phone: 310.506.6079

Graduate Programs Directors & Coordinators

Nutritional Science Certificate Program


Screen and Television Writing 

For additional information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Seaver Graduate Programs Mission Statement

The Seaver College graduate programs are committed to the sharpening of the mind, the ennobling of the heart, the broadening of the vision and the cultivation of civilized and fruitful discourse within a Christian worldview. The programs are devoted to a relentless search for truth in an atmosphere of freedom of inquiry: to think, to create, to question, to doubt, to believe, and to affirm.