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Nicholas J. Zola Faculty Profile

Nicholas J. Zola

Assistant Professor of Religion
Religion and Philosophy Division, Seaver College
APC 256


  • PhD, Religion, Baylor University, 2014, Presidential Scholarship
  • MA, New Testament, Abilene Christian University, 2009
  • BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, 2006
  • Co-author of the Editio princeps (first edition) of P131 (third-century fragment of Rom 9-10) in Dirk Obbink, Jerry Pattengale, and Jeffrey Fish, eds., The Museum of the Bible Scholars' Initiative: Papyrus Series (Vol. 1; Leiden: Brill), forthcoming in 2017. (co-written with Grant Edwards), 2017
  • Guest editor (with Lindsey Trozzo) of Christian Voices from Beyond the Apostolic Age: Essays on Second-Century Texts and Traditions, vol. 43 (2016) of Perspectives in Religious Studies, commemorating nearly fifty years of meetings and discussions of the Second Century Seminar., 2016
  • "The Gospel on the Ground: Wrestling with Reconciliation." Workshop co-led with C. Nolan Thomas (Professor of Mental Health Counseling) at the National Student Conference of the Association of College Ministries in Evansville, Ind., 4 August, 2015., 2015
  • "Evangelizing Tatian: The Diatessaron's Place in the Emergence of the Fourfold Gospel Canon." Perspectives in Religious Studies 43 (2016): 399 - 414., 2016
  • "Why Are There Verses Missing from My Bible? The Emergence of Verse Numbers in the New Testament." Restoration Quarterly 54:4 (2012): 233-45., 2012
  • "'The One Who Eats My Bread Has Lifted His Heel against Me': Psalm 41:10 in 1QHa 13.25-26 and John 13:18." Perspectives in Religious Studies 37 (2011): 407-19., 2011
  • "Digitally Reconstructing Fragmentary Papyri." Presented at the Green Scholars' Initiative Digital Reconstruction Workshop at the annual meeting of the SBL. Atlanta, Ga., 23 November, 2015., 2015
  • Presidential Scholar, Baylor University, 2009
  • Glenn O. and Martell B. Hillburn Endowed Graduate Research Scholarship, 2013


  • Ancient Manuscripts and Textual Criticism
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Tatian's Diatessaron ( an early gospel harmony )
  • The development of the biblical canon
  • The Gospels


  • New Testament in Context
  • Johannine Writings