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Meet Your Admission Counselor

National Applicants

Use the map below to identify your Pepperdine Admission Counselor. Visit your Admission Counselor's personal webpage for exclusive application tips, highlights from their time as a Pepperdine student, and to view their welcome video.

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Transfer Applicants

Students who have graduated from high school and completed any number of college units at the time of applying must apply as a Transfer applicant. If you are a transfer student, your Admission Counselor is Lexi Aguayo. For tips on applying as a transfer student, visit Lexi's Admission Counselor profile page.

Church of Christ Applicants

If you are an active member of the Churches of Christ, your Admission Counselor is Sophie Egliht. For tips on applying as a Church of Christ student, visit Sophie's Admission Counselor profile page.

International Applicants

If you live outside of the United States please contact your International Admission Counselor.