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Spiritual Life at Seaver College

Surfisde convocationChapel

Chapel is designed to welcome first- and second-year students, introduce them to the mission and Christian community of Pepperdine, and connect them with faculty, staff, and student programs. Students will explore the Christian faith through the themes of truth, love, goodness, and beauty.


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The Student Experience

Our commitment to Christian values, in educating both the heart and the mind, enhances our campus environment and our students' college experience. We believe that truth has nothing to fear from investigation, so we relentlessly pursue it in every discipline.


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Student-Led Ministries

A variety of student-initiated ministries serve the Pepperdine community and the world beyond. These ministries are focused on exploring Christian faith through lectures and conversations, and deepening faith through weekly worship and prayer.


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Spiritual Life Advisors Program

Spiritual life advisors at Pepperdine assist Seaver College students living on campus by encouraging spiritual growth through relationship building, caring for students, and being available to meet their needs.


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Hub for Spiritual Life

The Hub for Spiritual Life engages the Pepperdine community in vibrant and consistent experiences of worship and spiritual care. Our mission, rooted in our heritage of faith, is to develop and integrate programs, trainings, and resources to cultivate a vibrant and consistent spiritual life at the University.

Spiritual Life at Seaver

Center for Faith and Learning

Gary Selby and Center for Faith and Learning

Our Center for Faith and Learning grounds its work in Pepperdine's mission as it seeks to enhance the connections between classroom teaching, scholarship, Christian faith, and practice. 

Spiritual Life at the University

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Explore your spiritual life and opportunities University-wide and at all five of Pepperdine's schools.