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Levon Goukasian Faculty Profile

Levon Goukasian

Professor of Finance
Business Administration Division, Seaver College
CCB 348


  • PhD, University of Southern California, 2001
  • MSBA, University of Southern California, 2003
  • MA, University of Southern California, 1998
  • Diploma with Honors (BA), Yerevan State University, Armenia, 1991
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  • "Quantitative Finance", Goukasian, L., BU, Boston, MA, Global Business, Presentations to education seminars or conventions. (February 2016).
  • "Quant Finance", Goukasian, L., Seminar, Boston, MA, Global Business. (February 26, 2016).
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  • Stochastic Averaging for Nilpotent Ito Systems (with P.H.Baxendale), 2001, Stochastic Processes and Applications, 95, pages 219-233
  • Will Singleton Chair in Finance, 2012-
  • John and Francis Duggan Professor of Business, 2008-2012
  • Howard A. White Award for Teaching Excellence, 2006
  • Seaver Research Fellow, 2004, 2005


  • Asset Pricing
  • Investment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management


  • Financial Management
  • Applied Portfolio Management
  • Financial Derivatives