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Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank Faculty Profile

Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank

Associate Professor of Art History
Fine Arts Division, Seaver College
MB 130


Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank is associate professor of art history at Pepperdine University. Her MA and PhD are from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining Pepperdine faculty in 2015, she taught at Brooklyn College (CUNY), the Graduate Century (also CUNY), the University of Oregon, and UCLA. Her research primarily focuses on the visual culture of Spain and Latin America between 1400 and 1800, considering issues of colonialism, gender, censorship, and globalization. She teaches and publishes broadly on subjects as far-ranging as the ancient and medieval worlds (including the ancient Americas), the global Renaissance, viceregal and modern Latin America, Native American and First Nation art, pedagogy, and the digital humanities/digital art history. Some of her current research interests include the intersection of the body, emotions, and religion in the early modern world; ways in which to introduce students to digital visuality, public art history, and metadata; art made by and for nuns, and art made after the Jesuit diaspora. She is also a board member, content editor, and author for the not-for-profit Smarthistory.org, an open educational resource that aims to make art history accessible and open for anyone with an internet connection.


  • PhD in Art History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2009
  • MA in Art History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
  • BA, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004, summa cum laude


  • Holy Organ or Unholy Idol?: The Sacred Heart in Art, Religion, and Culture of New Spain (Leiden: Brill, 2018).
  • Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank and Heather Graham, eds., Visualizing Sensuous and Affective Pain in Early Modern Europe and the Americas, vol. 24, Brill's Studies on Art, Art History and Intellectual History (BSAI) (Leiden: Brill, 2018).
  • "Doing Digital Art History in a Pre-Columbian Art History Survey Classroom: Creating an Omeka Exhibition around the Mixtec Codex Zouche-Nuttall," Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy for the special issue on Digital Art History, issue 12 (2018).
  • "Love Hurts: Mystical Marriage in the Art of New Spain," in Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank and Heather Graham, eds., Visualizing Sensuous Suffering and Affective Pain in Early Modern Europe and the Americas, vol. 24, Brill's Studies on Art, Art History and Intellectual History (BSAI) (Leiden: Brill, 2018), 313-357.
  • "Introduction: Visualizing Sensuous Suffering and Affective Pain in Early Modern Europe and the Americas," co-authored with Heather Graham, in Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank and Heather Graham, eds., Visualizing Sensuous Suffering and Affective Pain in Early Modern Europe and the Americas, vol.24, Brill's Studies on Art, Art History and Intellectual History (BSAI) (Leiden:Brill, 2018), 1-34.
  • "For all the world to see: Guaman Poma's Self-Portraits in Nueva corónica," The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Latin American History 75, no.1 (January 2018): 47-94. https://doi.org/10.1017/tam.2017.97
  • "Pietà" for the Encyclopedia of Bible and Its Reception (DeGruyter, in press).
  • Numerous essays and videos for Smarthistory
  • Contributor to Paintings of Colonial Cusco: Artistic Splendor in the Andes/Pintura colonial cusquena: El esplendor del arte en los Andes, ed. Ananda Cohen Suarez (Cusco: Haynanka Ediciones, 2015). Bilingual entries include: "52: Baby Jesus with Instruments of the Passion," "94: Song of Songs," "97: Allegory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus," "98: Death of a Virtuous Man and Death of a Sinner," "152: Saint Mary Magdalene."
  • Review of The Art of Professing in Bourbon Mexico: Crowned Nun Portraits and Reform in the Convent, The University of Texas Press, 2014, in The Americas ( 2015).
  • "Science, Art, and the Sacred Heart in Eighteenth-Century New Spain," in Vanishing Boundaries: Scientific Knowledge and Art Production in the Early Modern Era, ed. Lilian Zirpolo, 223-260 (Woodcliff Lake, NJ: WAPACC Organization, 2015).
  • "Team-Based Learning for Art Historians," co-authored with Jennifer Ball for Art History Teaching Resources, 2014.
  • "Holy Organ or Unholy Idol? Forming a History of the Sacred Heart in New Spain," Colonial Latin American Review 23, no. 3 (Dec. 2014): 320-359, DOI: 10.1080/10609164.2014.972698
  • "A Burning Heart Can Save Your Soul," in Death and the Afterlife in the Early Modern Hispanic World, edited by John Beusterien and Constance Cortez (University of Minnesota Press: Hispanic Issues On Line, 2010), ISSN 1931-8006.
  • Dean's Research Grant, Pepperdine University, 2017
  • Renaissance Society of America Conference Program Committee Member, 2017-2019
  • ARCHES (At Risk Cultural Heritage Education Series) initiative participant, funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities, at Smarthistory.org
  • Secretary and Member, Board of Directors, Smarthistory, 2016-present
  • Webmaster and Media Coordinator, Renaissance Conference of Southern California (RCSC)
  • Contributing/Content Editor for Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, Early Modern European, and Native American/First Nations Art, Smarthistory.org and Smarthistory at Khan Academy
  • College Art Association Committee Member for Student and Emerging Professionals, 2013-2016
  • Getty Scholars Grant for 2015-2016 (declined)
  • Mellon Travel Fellow, for Smarthistory on Khan Academy
  • Summer Institute Participant in Rebuilding the Portfolio: Digital Humanities for Art Historians, 2014
  • PSC-CUNY grant, cycle 45
  • Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, 2013-2014
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute Participant, for Mesoamerica and the Southwest, 2012 (5 weeks)
  • Leonard and Claire Tow Faculty Travel Fellowship, 2011
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA Graduate Division, 2008-2009
  • Edward A. Dickson Fellowship, 2008-2009 (declined)
  • Mayer Scholarship Recipient, Denver Art Museum, 2007-2008
  • Edward A. Dickson Fellowship, 2007-2008
  • Edward A. Dickson Fellowship, 2006-2007
  • UCLA Graduate Division Summer Research Mentorship, 2005
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 2004
  • Golden Key International Honor Society, 2004
  • Jean Stone Summer Research Stipend, UCLA, 2004
  • Honors Departmental Scholar, UCLA, Art History, 2003-2004
  • Jean Stone Summer Research Stipend, 2002
  • "The Art of Conventos in Mexico," Azusa Pacific University, March 26, 2018 [invited lecture]
  • "Championing the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Colonial Mexico," for Pinxit Mexici/Painted in Mexico, 1700–1790 Bilingual Scholars' Day at LACMA, February 23, 2018. [invited lecture]
  • "Dressing the Part: Fashioning Identities in Guaman Poma's Nueva corónica," co-authored with Elena FitzPatrick Sifford, for Renaissance Society of America, "New Directions in Dress and Identity Research," New Orleans, February 2018.
  • "Reflections on Art History and Christological Devotions in New Spain" for "The Body of Christ in the Spanish Americas," Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, October 2015.
  • "Noble Organ or Grotesque Idol? The Sacred Heart in Colonial Mexico," Invited lecture for the Archaeological Institute of Staten Island, 15 March 2015.
  • "The Broken Body of Christ in New Spain," Invited lecture at SUNY-Plattsburgh, 26 Feb 2015.
  • "The Holy Sun: Christ's Brilliant Body in Colonial Mexican Copper Paintings," for Objects of Devotion/Objetos de Devoción Conference, UC Riverside, 12–13 Dec. 2014
  • 2018, Center for Teaching Excellence Pedagogy Enhancement Grant, Seaver College, for transforming Humanities 111, $5000


  • Decolonizing Digital Art History
  • Digital Art History Pedagogy
  • Faith, reason and visual culture of the eighteenth century
  • The emotional communities of sixteenth-century Spain
  • Michelangelesque imagery in colonial Mexico


  • HUM 111: Western Culture I
  • ARTH 200: World Art History I
  • ARTH 300: World Art History II
  • ARTH 428: Renaissance Art
  • ARTH 492: Selected Topics in Art History (Pre-Columbian Art and History)