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Ronald C. Highfield Faculty Profile

Ronald C. Highfield

Professor of Religion
Religion and Philosophy Division, Seaver College
APC 276


  • PhD, Rice University, 1988
  • MA, Rice University, 1988
  • MTh, Harding Graduate School of Religion, 1979
  • BA, Harding University, 1975


Forthcoming Books

  • The New Adam. Cascade, Eugene, OR, 2021.
  • Rethinking Church: Guide for the Perplexed and Disillusioned. Keledei: Los Angeles, 2021.

Published Books

  • Four Views on Women and Church Leadership. Keledei: Los Angeles, 2021.
  • Christianity—Is it Really True: Responsible Faith in a Post-Christian Culture. Keledei: Los Angeles, 2017.
  • The Faithful Creator: Affirming Creation and Providence in an Age of Anxiety. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 2015.
  • A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge. Eds. Christopher M. Date and Ron Highfield. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2015.
  • God, Freedom and Human Dignity: Embracing a God-Centered Identity in a Me-Centered Culture. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 2013.
  • Four Views on Divine Providence. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011. I am coauthor of this book with three other authors: Gregory Boyd, William Lane Craig, and Paul Helseth.
  • Great is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2008.
  • Barth and Rahner: Toward an Ecumenical Understanding of Sin and Evil. New York: Peter Lang, 1989.

Other Published Works

  • "God's Commands and Christian Ethics: A Theology of the Christian Life," in Christian Ethics: The Issues of Life and Death, eds. Larry Chouinard, David Fiensy, and George Pickens, Joplin, MO: College Press, 2004, 7-28.
  • "The Problem with the "Problem of Evil" A Response to Gregory Boyd's Open Theist Solution," Restoration Quarterly (Summer, 2003).
  • "Does The World Limit God? Assessing the Case for Open Theism," The Stone-Campbell Journal (Winter, 2002)
  • "Divine Self-limitation in the Theology of Jurgen Moltmann: A Critical Appraisal," Christian Scholars Review (Fall 2002) 49-71.
  • "The Function of Divine Self-Limitation in Open Theism: Great Wall or Picket Fence?" Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (June 2002) 279-99.
  • "Man and Woman in Christ: Theological Ethics After the Egalitarian Revolution," Restoration Quarterly, (Fall 2001) 129-146.
  • American Academy of Religion
  • Christian Theological Research Fellowship


  • Divine Self-Limitation in Contemporary Theology


  • Christianity and Culture
  • The Christian Faith
  • Systematic Theology I: God and Providence
  • Systematic Theology II: Christ, the Church, the Spirit, and Eschatology