Pepperdine campus recreation flag football game

Campus Recreation

Pepperdine student rock climbing

Our recreational activities enhance personal fitness, wellness, and enjoyment for students and the Pepperdine community. We offer a comprehensive program that includes competitive play, instructional and group fitness classes, special events, cardiovascular and strength training, outdoor excursions, and educational workshops.

Health Center

Pepperdine student at Health Center

Our Health Center provides high quality, multi-specialty, and low-cost healthcare to our students. We provide preventative care, timely treatment, and appropriate referrals when necessary. The Health Center is just one way we perpetuate the wellness of the whole being through body, mind, and spirit.

Counseling Center

TCC at Pepperdine

Our Counseling Center offers free, confidential services for all Pepperdine undergraduate and graduate students, including individual, couples, and group counseling; walk-in consultations; and outreach programming. We promote mental health on campus and in the Pepperdine community by being proactive, informative, and readily available.