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Michael G. Ditmore Faculty Profile

Michael G. Ditmore

Professor of English
Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College
CAC 314


Michael Ditmore is professor of English at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. His BA is from Austin College, and his MA and PhD are from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on early American literature, beginning with confessional expression and the settlement of New England from the 1620s. More recently, his interests turned toward the Revolutionary period, especially the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution but also including J. Hector St. John de Crévecoeur and Charles Brockden Brown.


  • PhD, English, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
  • MA English, University of Texas at Austin, 1989
  • BA, English, Austin College, Sherman, TX, 1979, With Honors


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  • Society of Early Americanists
  • American Literature Section of the Modern Language Association
  • "Planned Expiration, Amendment, Judicial Review, and … Redaction?: Textual Considerations of the United States Constitution’s Printedness (and Not)," 2020 Global Conference on Constitution-Making and Constitutional Change, University of Texas-Austin, January 17, 2020
  • "Governor Winthrop's 'Little Speech': Another Hearing," OIEAHC-SEA Conference, Chicago, 20 June 2015.
  • "Cataloging Independence: The Rhetoric of Non-Consumption and –Importation Agreements on the Way to the Declaration," Society of Early Americanists 8th Biennial Conference, Savannah GA, 28 Feb. 2013.
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  • "Imitation of Excellence: Franklin's Art of Virtue and the Pursuit of Moral Perfection," 17th Annual Conference of Association for Core Texts and Courses, New Haven, CT, 17 April 2011
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  • Thinking Rules and Applications: The Value of Theoretical Criticism in Plato's Republic, ACTC 16th Annual Conference, New Brunswick, NJ, 17 April 2010.
  • Agencies of Independence: Revolutionary Voice(s) and Liberating Passivity in 1776. Humanities/Teacher Education Division Symposium, 5 November 2008.
  • What God Speaks Through the Events of Our Lives: Memory and Imagination in the Memoirs of Frederick Buechner, The World and Christian Imagination (2006 Pruit Memorial Symposium and Lilly Fellows Program National Research Conference), 10 Nov. 2006
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  • God Has Made Our Rulers Mad: Martin Luther on Sacred and Secular Politics, Great Books presentation, Raitt Recital Hall, Pepperdine University, 6 April 2006.
  • Original Sin, Free Will, True Virtue, and the End for Which God Created the World: Jonathan Edwards as Missionary, Western Region Conference on Christianity and Literature, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, 10 Mar. 2006.
  • Bone of My Bone, Flesh and My Flesh: John Winthrop's Bridal Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century, American Studies Association annual conference, Washington, D.C., 3 Nov. 2005.
  • The Bay/New England Psalm Book and the Poetry of Anne Bradstreet: A Consideration of Conflicting Aesthetics and Fluctuating Reputations, Society of Early Americanists, 2nd Biennial Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, 8 March 2001.
  • The Treatment of Dissent in Early New England, John Winthrop's Worlds: England and New England 1588-1649, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 17-18 Sept. 1999.
  • The Image of Anne Hutchinson in the Modern American Mind, Seaver Faculty Conference, 23 Oct. 1998


  • American literature, culture, and history (before 1900), autobiography and narrative theory, Christianity and literature


  • Great Books
  • American Literature