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Undergraduate Financial Assistance

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As you navigate the college application process and dream of where you will spend the next four years of their life, I understand that you may have concerns of your own about rising tuition costs and how to pay for a private education at an institution such as Pepperdine University. While the University believes that families and students have the primary responsibility for meeting the cost of their education, the Office of Financial Assistance understands your concerns and is dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to try to bridge the gap between the cost of Pepperdine and your family's contribution. Although not everyone applying for financial assistance will be eligible or awarded, I assure you that each application for assistance is given careful and individual review.

Pepperdine values your success and will be a good steward of your investment. Given the outcomes, for many families, a Pepperdine education is a manageable financial commitment. As you move forward with the financial assistance application process, please feel free to contact the Office of Financial Assistance with any questions you may have.

Janet Lockhart
Director of Financial Assistance

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