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Dr. Rachel Tan, professor of sports medicine

Rachel Tan

Assistant Professor of Sport Medicine
Natural Science, Seaver College
RAC 197


Dr. Tan's research focuses on applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism in healthy individuals and in athletes. Specifically, her interest is in the influence of dietary interventions that manipulate nitric oxide bioavailability and the associated effects on human exercise performance and markers of health.

Dr. Tan has investigated the efficacy of dietary nitrate supplementation, administered by nitrate-rich beetroot juice, on the physiological responses during exercise and its ergogenic potential measuring from the cellular to whole-body level. She has also investigated other nutritional ergogenic aids, such as N-Acetylcysteine, on further elevating nitric oxide bioavailability.


  • PhD Sports and Health Science, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, 2019
  • MS Sports and Health Science, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, 2015 (distinction)
  • BSc Kin. Honors, McMaster University, Canada, 2014 (summa cum laude)


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  • BIOL 270: Principles of Human Physiology
  • SPME 360: Physiology of Exercise