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Gary M. Galles Faculty Profile

Gary M. Galles

Professor of Economics
Social Science Division, Seaver College
Malibu, APC 237


Dr. Gary Galles has taught at Pepperdine for over 30 years. His research focuses on public finance, public choice (better termed “the economics of government”), the theory of the firm, the organization of industry and the role of liberty including the views of many classical liberals (now called libertarians) and America’s founders­. His books include Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies, Apostle of Peace, and Lines of Liberty (forthcoming).

In addition to his books and journal articles, Dr. Galles has been involved in many economics textbook projects and has publish­ed well over a thousand popular articles and opinion pieces in publications like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, Detroit News, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He has also made multiple appearances on television and radio programs. 

Dr. Galles' focus is primarily on using economics tools to understand­ ­­­the "real world," rather than creating theoretically elegant but misleading models divorced from it. ­


  • PhD Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, 1988
  • MA Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, 1977
  • BA Economics, University of Washington, 1975



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Selected Recent Popular Articles:

  • "Project Labor Agreements Give Unionized Companies Unfair Advantage" Investor's Business Daily, 4/17/18.
  • "Yet Another Way Labor Unions Abuse the Taxpayers," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 3/15/18.
  • "Free riders don't justify forced riders in Janus v. AFSCME," Orange County Register, 3/21/18.
  • "Trade restrictions only serve to counteract tax cuts and deregulation," The Hill, 2/9/18.
  • "Cars Crush Transit," California Political Review, 2/5/18.
  • "Mexican Automakers Boom Because Of Free Trade With The World," Forbes, 12/8/17.
  • "No, Tax Cuts Are Not Just A Boom For 'The Rich'," Investor's Business Daily, 11/13/17.
  • "Unions Want Freedom of Association-But Only for Themselves," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 11/1/17.
  • "Union Dues and the 'Free Rider' Problem," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 9/29/17.
  • "Rent Control Makes for Good Politics and Bad Economics," California Political Review, 9/3/17.
  • "Single-payer healthcare is far more expensive than advocates claim," The Hill, 6/15/17.
  • "Healthcare: 'Insurance' Now Just Means Redistribution," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 5/30/17.
  • "Rent Control Makes It Harder to Vote with Your Feet," Foundation for Economic Education, 4/29/17.
  • "Short-Sellers Are Public Benefactors," Foundation for Economic Education, 4/29/17.
  • "Why Special Interests Sacrifice the Future for Short-Term Gain," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 4/3/17.
  • "Comparing Obamacare scams," Washington Examiner, 3/24/17.
  • "The Art of the Deal is Different in Politics," Inside Sources, 1/24/17.
  • "Disrespect for precedent can be respect for the constitution," The Hill, 12/30/16.
  • "The Extraordinarily High Burden of Proof for Violating Liberty," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 11/29/16.
  • "The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress," Ludwig von Mises Institute, 11/25/16.
  • "Preserving Liberty, Not Democracy," Inside Sources, 11/15/16.
  • "Litmus Test for Liberty: Is Exchange Willing or Unwilling?" The Beacon, 5/23/16.
  • "Rethinking a century of zoning," Inside Sources and Newsday, 4/28/16

Media Appearances

Areas of Expertise

  • Economics
  • Public finance
  • Economics of government
  • Industrial organization


  • Economic Education
  • Industrial Organization
  • Methodology
  • Public Finance/Public Choice
  • Urban Economics


  • Economic Principles
  • Principles of Microeconomics
    Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Public Policy Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Industrial Organization
  • Urban and Regional Economics