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Michael Soucy Faculty Profile

Michael Soucy

Visiting Instructor of Sports Medicine
Natural Science Division, Seaver College
RAC 177


Mr. Soucy is entering his third year in a visiting role for the Sports Medicine department. His research has been primarily related to lower extremity function during locomotion. Specifically, Mr. Soucy focuses on muscular function and kinematics of the lower extremity. More recently, Mr. Soucy has been ventured towards shoulder muscle activation, and how that activation relates to a population of musicians. In addition to teaching responsibilities, Mr. Soucy is in charge of overseeing all projects conducted in the Biomechanics Lab at Pepperdine.


  • Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science, California Lutheran University, 2010
  • Master's of Science in Kinesiology, Emphasis in Biomechanics, University of Nevada Las Vegas 2014


  • Dufek, J., Harry, J., Soucy, MT, Guadagnoli, M., & Lounsberry, M. (2016). Effects of Active Workstation Use on Walking Mechanics and Work Efficiency, Journal of Novel Physiotherapies, 6(3).
  • Soucy, M.T., Ciulei, M., Mercer, J. (2016). Does wearing a triathlon wetsuit influence resting blood pressure for females? Gazzetta Medica Italiana, 175(12). Pages 523-527.
  • Masumoto, K., Soucy, M.T., Bailey, J.P., & Mercer, J. (2017). Muscle activity during backward and forward running with body weight support, Human Movement Science, 55. Pages 276-286.
  • Effects of Active Workstation Use on Walking Mechanics and Work Efficiency, 2015
  • Does wearing a triathlon wetsuit influence resting blood pressure for females?, 2016
  • Natural Science Seminar Series. Pepperdine University. Presentation Title: Biomechanical Analysis of the Lower Leg During Locomotion. November 2016.
  • American College of Sports Medicine, National Meeting. Presentation Title: Muscle Activity of the Lower-Limb During Single-Legged Hopping. May 2016.
  • American College of Sports Medicine, Southwest Chapter. Presentation Title: Examining Effects of Body Weight Support and Speed on Physiological Measures and Lower Leg Muscle Activity. October 2016.


  • Gait
  • Lower extremity function
  • Muscular activity


  • BIOL 230 Human Anatomy
  • SPME 330 Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • SPME 430 Biomechanics of Human Movement