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Internship Scholarships

Pepperdine University is pleased to announce the availability of the Randall and Lindley Fellow Internship Scholarships. These scholarships are intended to support our student interns, our community employers and the University mission to prepare students for "lives of leadership, purpose, and service."

Why Should I Intern for Graded Credit?

  • Make connections between internship learning and classroom coursework
  • Discuss work environments, trends, and professional standards with peers
  • Receive a scholarship of $500 to offset expenses related to interning.*

How Can I Participate?

This year all students who enroll in at least one graded unit of internship credit may be eligible to benefit from the Internship Scholarship during the fall or spring semester.  Students will need to enroll in the internship and participate in one of the following supervisory or classroom formats:

  • Bi-Monthly Course: GSGS 595 is taken in conjunction with a student's enrollment in an internship suited to their area of interest, specialization, or major.  Internships can be conducted with a governmental, political, religious, educational, business, or humanitarian organization. 
  • Bi-Monthly Course: COM 595 meets twice a month for face-to-face classes.  This class is available to students with any Communication major. 
  • Faculty Supervision: A faculty member must agree to offer one graded unit while providing supervision for the student participating in the internship.

Typically course content includes study around topics including organizational analysis, communication at work, leadership, team participation, diversity, technology in the workplace, ethics, and vocation.  Unsure about whether your major offers an graded internship option, search course numbers here.

How do I Enroll?

Students must apply, interview, and intern 4-15 hours weekly, for 14 weeks during the semester.  The Add/Drop registration period for an internship is extended to the second Friday of the term. 

Students must complete the following hours and receive a letter grade to secure the following units:

  • 45 hours over the term = 1 unit
  • 90 hours over the term = 2 units
  • 135 hours over the term = 3 units
  • 180 hours over the term = 4 units

Click here for Enrollment Instructions

How do I Search for Internships?

Students can apply for internships currently posted on Handshake or they may identify them through other sources in their network.  Students will need to have their resume reviewed and approved before being granted access to apply for internships within Handshake.  Students can also meet with a staff industry specialist who can assist them in their search process. Visit Handshake to Search for Internships


In order to receive a $500 scholarship to offset the cost of travel, meals, clothing, and other expenses incurred through the internship process, students must be enrolled for a least one graded unit of internship credit.  Eligible candidates must also complete their internship and all related assignments through the end of the term.  Scholarships will automatically be distributed to eligible students through financial aid. If you are enrolled for graded credit and want to confirm your eligibility for the scholarship, please speak to your financial aid adviser.  

Additional questions can be emailed to seavercareers@pepperdine.edu

Contact Information

Seaver College Career Center - (310) 506-4184 - Tyler Campus Center, Suite 210