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On-Campus Recruitment

Information Tables & Sessions

Employers use information sessions and information tables to:

  • Create awareness/Increase visibility
  • Supplement On-Campus Interviews or Career Fair appearance
  • Distribute handouts and giveaways
  • Connect with students through informal interaction

About Information Tables

Employers new to Seaver College are encouraged to conduct information tables to begin creating awareness. When located in a heavily trafficked area, it creates a strong venue to collect a sign-up list of interested students, handout company information, and pass out giveaways. To accommodate stacked schedules, tabling allows you to be available to students between or before & after their classes.

About Information Sessions

If you prefer attracting a smaller, more specific population of students, consider event formats that make for better interaction with small groups, such as round tables, hosting a coffee break or lunch, or working directly with faculty.

The career center is happy to brainstorm ways to attract the talent you seek and work with you to plan these events.

How to Request an Information Table/Session

To request your information table or session, log into Handshake:

Once you submit a request, our Marketing & Events Manager will work with you to choose a date & time. With your request, the career center will arrange for table(s), chair(s), and room reservation.  Please note that audio visual equipment will not always be available.

How We Promote Your Event

Once a date, time & format are chosen, we will request a simple PowerPoint slide with your company's logo, any related graphics, and information to use for promotional purposes. Marketing is displayed to students via on-campus television screens, e-mail blasts, paper flyers, and faculty engagement.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews at Seaver College give recruiters the chance to meet and interview qualified candidates in our office. Recruiters have the option of pre-screening and selecting the students to interview or having an open schedule where students can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. With the use of Handshake, we are able to make your interview date hassle-free with on-line resume and schedule access before your visit. You may arrange for interview schedules to recruit students for full-time employment or for internships.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are The Interviews Held?

There are two interview seasons:

  • Fall Season runs from September through early December

  • Spring Season runs from January through April

Specific dates are reserved first come, first serve. Submit a request for an interview schedule at least 30 days in advance via Handshake

Is There a Fee?

There is no charge.

What Are The Requirements?

Base annual salary of at least $30,000. Must be a full-time position to qualify. No commission only positions.

The Pepperdine University Career Center will permit only Equal Opportunity Employers to use its facilities. All interviewing and hiring must be done without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age citizenship or disability unless legally exempted.

Where Are The Interviews Held?

On-campus interviews are held in various interview and conference rooms on our Malibu campus.

How Are The Interviews Coordinated?

Interviews are coordinated via Seaver College's online talent source, Handshake. This allows you to update/edit your schedule, select job descriptions, select interview candidates, and review student resumes from any location, as long as you have the internet.

What Types of Interviews Are Available?

On campus interviews can be adjusted to meet your needs. There are three main ways employers like to use the service; however, we will be happy to work with you to customize the process to your needs.

  • Pre-Select Interviews:

The interview schedule and corresponding job description are posted on Handshake. After the student resume submission deadline, employers select the candidates they wish to interview. These pre-selected candidates proceed to sign up for an interview timeslot. This is a good option for employers expecting a high level of interest or who have specific eligibility requirements.

  • Open Interviews:

The interview schedule and corresponding job description are posted on Handshake. Students may sign up for an interview timeslot, with or without a resume, first come, first serve. This option is often used for general screening interviews or informational interviews.

  • Room Only:

The career center provides an interview room only. The employer is responsible for collecting resumes and scheduling the candidates. Employers often use this option after career fairs and information sessions.

How Can I Participate?

Requests for on-campus interviews may be sent via Handshake. Log into Handshake and click "Request New Interview Schedule" under Quicklinks. If this link does not appear, contact us at the information below.