How to Register for an Academic Internship

In order to receive academic credit for an internship, the internship must be approved.  Thus the registration process is different from that of other classes. The Seaver Dean's office will register you once you have satisfactorily completed the steps listed below.

Here's how to get started

Step 1: Secure an Internship

Seaver College Career Services offers resources to assist with résumé preparation and your internship search.  Be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource. Students majoring in communication should take advantage of the internship resources in the Communication Division.  Contact Debbie Wideroe for more information.

If you are an international student with an F-1 visa, the Department of Homeland Security regulations stipulate that you must have been lawfully enrolled full-time for one full academic year under the same SEVIS number before engaging in an internship (Curricular Practical Training - CPT.) Please visit the Office of International Student Services (OISS) website for important information and instructions. You may not begin any work until you have completed the Seaver Dean's internship registration process and then finally been authorized to work by your Designated School Official (DSO).

Step 2: Find an internship professor

In order to receive academic credit for an internship, you will need an internship professor. For assistance in finding an internship professor, please contact your division's office manager (see Division Contacts tab below). Once you have an internship professor, the two of you will collaborate to develop learning outcomes which are included on the e-sign form.

Step 3: Complete the forms

  • Click here to begin the e-sign form:
  • Complete the form. At the bottom click "Please Send My Request to the Office Manager."
  • The office manager will review your form and may contact you with questions.
  • You will receive an email from Pepperdine eS asking you to sign the form. Follow the instructions and sign the form.
  • It will then automatically route to the various parties for signatures.
  • You will receive an email from Lyn Klodt or Esther O'Connor stating you have been registered. Please review your WaveNet account to make sure your registration is correct.
  • If after 5 business days you have not received a registration email, please contact Dr. Dana Dudley at
  • To be eligible for the appropriate units of academic credit, a student must complete the minimum number of hours listed per academic credit(s) below:

1 unit = At least 45 hours internship/field work

2 units = At least 90 hours internship/field work

3 units = At least 135 hours internship/field work

4 units = At least 180 hours internship/field work

Important Deadlines: Students must submit their completed forms to the Seaver Dean's office (TAC Suite 320) no later than the second Friday of the term by 5 p.m. PST.

Summer 2017:  Session 1 - May 10, 2017
                         Session 2 - June 7, 2017
                         Session 3 - July 6, 2017

Fall 2017: September 8, 2017

Spring 2018: January 19, 2018

Summer 2018: Session 1 - May 9, 2018
                        Session 2 - June 6, 2018
                        Session 3 - July 5, 2018

Late Registration: You must petition the credits committee to request registration after the deadline.  Submit your completed internship registration form along with your petition. Click here for the petition form.

Step 4: Confirm your registration on WaveNet


You will receive an email from Leslie Seah or Esther O'Connor stating that you have been registered. Please go to WaveNet to confirm your registration.

Division Contacts


Divisional Dean: Dean Baim

Office Manager: Rhonda Huddleston


Divisional Dean: Sarah Stone-Watt

Office Manager: Esther O'Connor

Fine Arts

Divisional Dean: Cathy Thomas Grant

Office Manager: Danah Sanders

Humanities and Teacher Education

Divisional Dean: Michael Ditmore

Office Manager: Genny Moore

International Studies and Languages

Divisional Dean: Paul Begin

Office Manager: Shannon Latson

Natural Science

Divisional Dean: Rodney Honeycutt

Office Manager: Stephanie Adler

Religion and Philosophy

Divisional Dean: Daniel Rodriguez

Office Manager: Tiffany Ferguson

Social Science

Divisional Dean: Constance Fulmer

Office Manager: Bob Escudero

Funding Opportunities

Randall and Lindley Internship Scholarship

To help offset costs such as travel, parking, tuition, and etc. incurred by students participating in internships during the fall and spring terms, the Randall and Lindley families have generously donated money to assist students.

  • Eligibility: Enroll in at least one graded unit before week 7 of the term. Additional units may be taken credit/no credit. Students interning in D.C. are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Distribution: As long as funds are available, each eligible student will receive a $500 scholarship toward their student account.* (As long as funds are available.)
  • Students are only eligible for one of these scholarships.

* It is possible that some students may not be eligible even when enrolled in one graded unit of scholarship. This level of eligibility is determined by financial aid policies.

Summer Internship Scholarships

To help offset the tuition costs incurred by students participating in internships in the summer, Seaver College offers a scholarship of up to 2 units. Note: Max 2 unit scholarship for the summer.

  • Eligibility: Enroll in at least one graded unit. Additional units may be taken credit/no credit.
    • It is possible that some students may not be eligible even when enrolled in one graded unit of scholarship. This level of eligibility is determined by financial aid policies.
    • This scholarship is not available for students participating in an internship through International Programs.
  • Process: Simply mark the "Summer Scholarship" box on the internship/field work agreement.
  • The deadline for receiving the summer scholarship is the same as the summer session 3 registration deadline. All paperwork must be submitted and the student must be registered by this deadline in order to be eligible for the summer scholarship. No late registrations will be considered

Frequently Asked Questions