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First-Year Seminars

First Year Seminars and Colloquia at Pepperdine

What is included in a First-Year Seminar?

This semester-long course introduces the first-year student to both the college experience and to academic inquiry. Topics vary from section to section, but all sections strive to build learning communities, to sharpen critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, to enhance effective communication, to improve information literacy, to apply the University's Christian mission, and to hone life-management skills. In the First-Year Seminar, students will:

  • Share one substantial reading assignment to help build learning communities among all first-year students
  • Sharpen their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through study within a specific academic discipline
  • Use written assignments and oral presentations to become more effective written and oral communicators
  • Become aware of and understand the Christian mission of the University

There are several types of seminars and colloquia, each with a particular focus. Take some time to review carefully the descriptions before choosing from among the nearly forty seminars and colloquia.  The general types include:

  • Research seminars
  • Topics Related to Global Understanding
  • Topics of Current Interest
  • Topics Related to Self-Understanding and Self-Development

Space in individual seminars and colloquia is limited and topic preferences will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Explore the seminar descriptions for all available topics


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