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Health Insurance Information - To Parents

It is extremely important that your son or daughter understand the annual health insurance requirement set forth by the University. Below is a brief summary of the action items that require immediate attention. Full details are outlined on the Health Insurance Requirement webpage.

All Seaver students are required to carry a US-based health insurance plan*. To meet this annual requirement students may either enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or provide proof of insurance through the online waiver system administered by Academic Health Plans (AHP).

One of these two options must be completed by the posted deadline, August 15 for students arriving in the fall and January 3 for students arriving in the spring. After this deadline, students that select the SHIP option or do not take any action on the online waiver system are enrolled in and charged for SHIP premium on their WaveNet account. Students who submit proof of insurance through the online waiver system and receive an approval before the deadline are not enrolled in SHIP or charged the SHIP premium.

Students who miss the deadline have the opportunity to complete a waiver during the Grace Period, August 16-September 5 in the fall and January 4-February 1 in the spring. If their waiver is submitted and approved during the Grace Period, SHIP charges on their WaveNet account are reversed.

Approved waivers are effective for the academic year they are submitted only and must be renewed each year. The online waiver system opens May 15 for the upcoming fall semester and November 15 for the upcoming spring semester. Students who receive an approved waiver in the fall do not need an additional waiver for the spring.

* Health share plans do not meet the requirements needed to waive the SHIP option.