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First-Year Seminar Courses

Course Descriptions: Spring 2024

  The Art and Science of Living Well

Dusty Breeding | The Art and Science of Living Well

The Art and Science of Living Well challenges students to consider the question "What does it mean to live well?" Over the course of the semester the classroom discussions will explore academic research, wisdom literature from the past and the present, and various disciplines and practices related to the pursuit of a meaningful life. Discussions will be augmented by the thoughts and insights from various Christian theologians, psychologists, real world stories, and the student's own life experience.

  American Language and Culture

Stephanie Donnelly  | American Language and Culture

In American Characterization, students develop an awareness of America as a "character" through the exploration of key contemporary media. They identify key features of modern culture and analyze their depiction in film, television, and other entertainment through the frameworks of tradition, subversion, and self-comparison. The course promotes cross-cultural understanding and aims to encourage deep insight into American identity from a global perspective.

*For international students*