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Student Records Policy: FERPA

You will hear much about the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) over the next few years. Written by congress in the 1970s, FERPA places restrictions on who can view your student's educational records. You should note that FERPA, in most cases, places control of student educational records in the hands of the student – even when parents pay the educational bills!

If students choose to allow parents to see their records, they must complete and sign two forms: the Financial Release Form to grant you access to their student financial information; and the Student Records Release Form to grant you access to their educational information, such as grades, etc. They must submit these forms to OneStop. Unless your child completes and signs these forms, you must submit copies of your Federal Tax Returns to prove the student's dependency before we can release any educational or student financial information concerning your child. Please review the FERPA Guidelines and Pepperdine's Student Records Policy.