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Frequently Asked Questions | New Students


When will I register for classes?

First-year students will be assigned an initial class schedule by academic advisors. Each student's first semester class schedule is developed and reviewed by a team of advisors in consultation with related faculty members and academic and administrative offices. (Subsequent semester schedules are determined by the student in collaboration with an academic advisor).

In planning your first semester schedule, we are committed to placing you in the appropriate first term major and general education requirements. Every class in which we register you will fulfill one of those requirements based on the information you give us on the NSO Registration and Academic Response Form. (See the last question in this FAQ to learn more about why we pre-assign your classes.) Transfer students will register during NSO following academic counseling with their major division.

Will I be able to change my schedule?

Not all students are required to take certain classes in their first year of study. For example, a communications student does not need to take a math class in the first term, but someone pursuing a business program might. On Friday of NSO you will have the opportunity to change your schedule to include elective coursework or to reflect a change of major should the need arise.

I'm a transfer student - How will I register for classes?

If you are entering Pepperdine having completed 30 or more units (from a regionally accredited university) you are considered a transfer student. That means you will register for classes with your academic division during NSO. Once we receive your official transcripts, we enter the courses on your record which will update your Degree Audit Report, a tool that helps you track your progress. You should look at WaveNet to be sure that we have included these units on your record. Please keep in mind, though, that sometimes it takes several weeks after the end of the grading period for a school to mail out transcripts. We suggest that you bring to NSO an unofficial copy of your transcripts (or sealed official one if you have it) so that when you register with your new academic division, you will be able to show them your most recent accomplishments.

What happens if I can't get my immunizations in time?

If you are unable to obtain the required immunizations prior to NSO you should still complete and upload your Health History form and the Immunization section by following the directives at http://seaver.pepperdine.edu/new-students/healthcenter/letter.htm by the deadline. Failure to comply with this deadline and all requirements will result in a registration hold on your account. The Health Center will be able to give you these immunizations on campus, but NSO is a very busy time so we urge you not to wait until then, if possible.

How often should I check my Pepperdine E-mail?

Frequently! The University will use this address to communicate with you about classes, deadlines and all official information. Also, if you want to communicate with us via e-mail, you should use the Pepperdine system as it is the only one we consider to be officially from you.

Is there a pre-enrollment reading/writing assignment?

Yes.  Incoming freshmen with less than 30 A.P. or college transfer units should complete the First Year Seminar Voyage readings and writing assignment before arriving on campus for orientation. (access the readings)

When can I check in for orientation?

  • All students: Thursday, January 3, 7:10 - 10 AM, Howard A. White Center 

May I check in early?

Housing and Residence Life is unable to accommodate early arrivals.

Where do late arrivals go?

After the 10 AM check in time, students can still check in at the Howard A. White Center (HAWC). Orientation begins with brunch with President Benton at 11 AM in the Waves Cafe.

When does orientation end?

Orientation ends for parents Friday, January 4 at 3 PM.  Orientation events continue for students through the end of the week.  Classes begin Monday, January 8. 

Which cell service works on campus?

The location and physical terrain of the Malibu campus present significant challenges for cellular service coverage. The university Information Technology group continues to work with cellular service providers to offer better coverage options to our campus community. Unfortunately, this negotiation process is slow due to regulatory and technical constraints. In addition, we have been challenged by some of the recent acquisitions in this market.  (current status of cellular coverage)

What do the residence halls look like?

New students are usually assigned to a suite-style residence hall.  Each two-person bedroom is approximately 170 square feet and each suite (including four bedrooms) is approximately 1,014 square feet.  (more info)

Why do you pre-assign students a course schedule rather than letting them choose their own courses for their first term?

Study group.

We have created a schedule of courses for new freshmen for a variety of reasons.

Academic advisors have created schedules for each incoming student, and idea that most other students have an ideal schedule and you received the only difficult schedule is a myth. By pre-enrolling all students together, we have been able to provide all incoming students with "fair" schedules; no students are privileged with better schedules to the detriment of their peers.


  • The schedule you receive utilizes the following information you have provided:
    • AP scores and other transfer units
    • Foreign language scores (so that we can place the student in the appropriate language class)
    • Intended major
    • Desire to go abroad
    • For students involved in college athletics, we have also factored in practice times provided by the Athletics Office.
  • By pre-enrolling you in the appropriate General Education and major courses, we can guarantee that any course taken during the first semester will satisfy either a GE requirement or a major requirement. The schedule you will receive has been reviewed by several people in Academic Advising and in the respective academic divisions.
  • If we have created a schedule that is not viable based on misinformation or information we did not have, we will have a time period during NSO when incoming students can adjust their schedules.
  • We only pre-select courses for students the first semester. In subsequent semesters all students will select courses for themselves.  Numerous students have expressed their appreciation to us later when they discovered the challenges of creating their own schedule.


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