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Part of the job search process can include salary negotiation. With a basic knowledge of negotiation, your anxiety will be reduced and your success rate for negotiating will increase.

Be aware that the first inquiry about salary may come in the form of an application. When completing application forms, be sure to use "open," "negotiable" or "competitive." Avoid stating a specific figure. In general, do not bring up the subject of salary, time off or benefits yourself in an interview, especially the first interview. The interviewer will not want to discuss these items until he/she has made an initial determination that the company is interested in you.

Follow these steps in preparation for salary negotiation:

  1. Research the average salary
  2. Make a budget
  3. Factor in the benefits
  4. Don't worry about the Jones' (what your friends are making)
  5. Have a minimum salary in mind

You can also download the salary negotiation packet for additional information for effective negotiations.

JobInterviewQuestions.com allows you to search the position you are interviewing for to find interview questions that are relevant to the position. This can help you to practice questions that will reflect the skills and experience necessary for your upcoming interview.