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Day of the Interview

Professional attire reinforces your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously. Your attire should be appropriate for the industry without drawing unnecessary attention from the interviewer. If you have any doubts about your interview outfit, lean toward the side of being over-dressed and more conservative. Keep the following tips in mind:

• Dress in a well-fitting, ironed, dark colored suit. Try it on in advance and have at least one interview ensemble on hand that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
• Avoid sleeveless shirts, sandals, and bare legs.
• Refrain from using heavy amounts of cologne or perfume, if any.
• Bring your resume, list of references and any other documents in a leather portfolio with paper and a pen for taking notes.

The interviewer will guide the interview, therefore, follow his or her lead. You can establish a stronger connection with your interviewer by mirroring their verbal and non-verbal language without parroting or coming across as patronizing. Listen closely and extract key words from the information they share; then, infuse them into your own message. If the interviewer uses humor, consider it safe to insert it into the dialogue if it feels natural and you can use it appropriately.

Maintain a high sense of eagerness and enthusiasm, even if the interviewer does not appear markedly excited or interested. Rather than attempting to impress the interviewer every single moment of your interview, approach the experience with the intent of having a genuine, positive exchange with the interviewer for the purpose of sharing information and ideas.

A common interview question is, "Why should I choose you over other candidates?" Be prepared to address this question even if it is not directly posed to you. Know your selling points and support them with evidence throughout your interview. If you can deliver your response in a fluid, clear and precise manner, you will demonstrate the level of depth and confidence necessary to persuade the interviewer. Steer the topic back to why you are a strong fit for the position and do not hesitate to secure the position by emphasizing why you believe you are the best candidate at the end of the interview.

Inquiring about the next step in the hiring decision process demonstrates initiative and interest. Appropriate questions include, "What is the next step in the interview process?", "Are you available in case I have further questions?", and "When can I expect to hear from you?" Be sure to obtain a business card from each interviewer.