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Washington DC Internship Program

The DC Internship Program

Though best known as the United States capital, Washington, DC, is a global gathering place that hosts over 175 foreign embassies, as well as the headquarters of many international organizations, trade unions, and nonprofit organizations. Students of every major are drawn to this picturesque location at the convergence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, and know it as a city of austere monuments, grandiose historic structures, and of course the delicate cherry blossoms that blanket the city each spring.

Students who participate in the DC Internship Program have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience by interning in our nation's capital, an important center for international studies, communications, political science, journalism, business and the arts and many other endeavors. All majors are encouraged to participate, and because students intern for an organization of their choice, there are many opportunities for students to customize the experience to their needs and goals.
 Students will receive 4-8 units of elective credit for their DC internship. This is in addition to any other course work that they wish to complete while in Washington.

How to Find an Internship

The internship search can be daunting. The good news is that Washington, D.C. is the capital of internships!
To find a meaningful internship, you first need to dedicate yourself to having an open mind. You may have your eyes set on an internship in a top law firm, but that's not realistic. Think about your interests, types of work that inspire you, or industries that you want to learn more about. Be creative! You don't have to work for an immigration firm -- you can work for a non-profit who serves clients in immigration issues and learn just as much about the topic.

After you've brainstormed and made a list of types of companies and types of work that appeal to you, research, research, research. Check indeed.com, idealist.org, internships.com, and usajobs.gov. Sign up for email alerts from these websites. Don't just look at titles or company names. Pay attention to the internship position descriptions. Does that work sound interesting? Are those skills that you would like to gain?
Once you've found internship positions to apply to, it's time to hit the ground running.

How to Prepare for the DC Program

Attend the mandatory workshops, which will dive further in-depth into how to find an internship and how to apply for and secure an internship in D.C.
In addition to workshops, you can also prepare by building your LinkedIn network, participating in Mock Interview Workshops with the Career Center, and acquiring some business attire.

Helpful Materials
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DC Internship Application Tracker
Guide to Types of Internships in D.C.
Internship Application Guidelines
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University Career Action Network (UCAN)

What is UCAN?

University Career Action Network (UCAN) is a consortium of 20 colleges and universities across the country. The website contains a national database of internships from some of the nation's top employers for student use, from the following institutions.

UCAN members include:

Boston College
Brown University
College of William and Mary
Duke University
Emory University
Harvard University
Hofstra University
Princeton University
Swarthmore College
Tulane University

University of Chicago
University of Denver
University of Miami
University of Notre Dame
University of San Francisco
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest University
Washington University in St. Louis
Williams College

How can I view the UCAN website?

If you are interested in accessing this resource, please do one of the following:

1. Upload your resume onto Handshake (accessed through your WaveNet account under "Student Services") and receive approval of your resume. You must have an approved resume on Handshake before you access UCAN.

2. Send a request to access UCAN by emailing seavercareers@pepperdine.edu. In the email subject line, write "UCAN Request".

3. Once our office verifies that you have an approved resume on Handshake, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for accessing the UCAN database.