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On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Each year, over 150 students and recent alumni interview with real companies for real jobs without leaving campus. This free service provided by the career center is available to all students who qualify. This program has a long history of producing
success stories and launches careers.

Frequently asked questions

Who's Coming to Interview?

All students and alumni can view upcoming interviews on CareerSpace. Once logged in, click "Jobs" and search for "All Interviews". You can view the positions, employers, and resume submission deadlines at anytime. However, only students who have completed the steps to be approved to interview, can submit resumes. See how you can be approved.

The list of interviews changes constantly, so check back regularly and read announcements sent by the career center for updates.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

All students who meet the following criteria, are eligible to participate:

  • Senior, Junior, or a recent alum
  • In agreement to all the terms and conditions of the program
  • Seriously looking for a full-time position

How Can I Participate?

Only students and recent alumni who are approved to interview can submit resumes.  To be approved, complete two easy steps:

  1. Review the Cancellation and No-Show Policy on this page. Print and maintain a copy. By participating, you agree with and are subject to these policies.

  2. Submit resume to csoevent@pepperdine.edu with "OCI" in the subject line for review by the career center. Allow 48 hours for approval and for your CareerSpace account to be activated. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

To Begin

After receiving your confirmation email from the career center, follow these steps to begin:

  • Log into CareerSpace
  • Click "Search On-Campus Interviews" in the Quicklinks on your homepage.
  • If a position appears interesting, click the job title for more information.
  • If still interested, read the application details to view the specifications set by the employer. Note these specifications are taken seriously and failure to comply often leads to disqualification. A common example is an employer's request for your resume to be submitted via CareerSpace AND the employer's web site.

What Are the Interviews Like?

There are a few different types of interviews. Check out the job description to see what kind of interview you have.


  • Pre-Select Interview: Students submit their resume online to companies of their choice. After the Resume Submission Deadline the company will select the students they would like to interview. The pre-selected candidates will be notified by email. Only those pre-selected may sign up online.

  • Open Interview: The interview is available to students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students sign up online for an interview time.

  • Resume Drop: This is a structured way for employers to receive resumes from selected universities. Within certain date, the employer will accept resumes submitted on CareerSpace. The employer will contact students directly to schedule interviews on campus or at central offices.

Notification That You Have an Interview

Employers contact the candidates they wish to interview, usually by email. You can also click "Pending Interviews" on your Quicklinks. Not all students who submitted resumes will have an interview.

Location of Interviews

All interviews take place on-campus, usually in the TCC or CCB. You will be notified of the location prior to the interview.

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How Do I Apply for Interviews?

Employers specify required documents in the job description. Often times, this includes a resume and cover letter.  To apply, you must submit all required documents as directed in the job description. Follow instructions exactly.

Visit the Resume & Cover Letter section of the career center web site for guides and tips.

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How Do I Prepare for the Interview?

Some interviewers say they can "size up" a person in just five minutes. Experienced interviewers will let you do most of the talking and will learn much from you over the course of your interview.

Much of their judgment will be based on how you present yourself, your ability to think on your feet, and your appearance, confidence and composure.

Following are some tips for making a positive first impression:

  1. Wear industry appropriate formal business attire. General interview attire guidelines point to conservative, dark suits. Avoid extreme colors or trendy styles. Make sure your suit is well pressed and clean
  2. Good hygiene is critical! Arrive to the interview clean and calm. Use only a little cologne or perfume and avoid odorous foods.  Present yourself with well styled, combed hair and a clean face. Men, this means be well-shaved, and women, this means conservative makeup.
  3. Interviewees must be prepared to answer and ask questions. The two questions that begin and end an interview are "Tell me about yourself" and "Do you have any questions for me?". Read up on the company and visit their website before you interview. Understand the company and have intelligent questions prepared to ask. Review the career center's 100 Commonly Asked Interview Questions
  4. Ask for their business card. Take this so that you have their address and phone number. Send a thank you card (not email) immediately after the interview. Keep it short, simple, and try to refer to something you spoke about in the interview to help them remember you.  Call and follow up a week after the interview.
  5. A few final suggestions:
  • Please, no chewing gum.
  • Do not monopolize the conversation during an interview or an interview lunch. Take time to get to know the interviewer and learn more about the company.
  • Never speak negatively about a previous employer or professor.
  • Do not sit down until you are offered a seat.
  • Do not forget to say "please" and "thank you."
  • If you are invited to a business lunch, do not drink even if  offered to you. Iced tea is a good alternative.

Generally, interviewers will contact you by phone within the next week if they want you to return for a second interview. A negative reply will usually come by mail within the following two to three weeks. If you hear nothing after two weeks, it is appropriate to call and ask about the status of the job. It is best to ask about this timeline while in the interview.

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OCI Program Policies

Cancellation: Students are expected to keep confirmed interview appointments. Students who need to cancel an interview, must do so at least 3 business days prior to the interview to avoid "No Show" status. Cancellation may be done online via CareerSpace or by calling the Career Center, x.4184. In case of an emergency and you must cancel within 3 business days prior to or on the day of the interview, you must notify the Career Center via telephone. You will then be given "No Show" status, but it allows us to inform the recruiter and allows you the opportunity to reschedule.

No Show: Students who cancel within 3 business days of the interview or do not show on the day of the interview will be immediately locked from further use of the "Interviews" function of CareerSpace. To reinstate your status, download the No-Show Packet below, and type a personalized letter of apology to the recruiter within 3 days of the scheduled No-Show interview. Submit your letter of apology to the Career Center in an unsealed, stamped envelope addressed to the recruiter. Failure to submit the letter of apology within 3 business days will result in the cancellation of all future interviews and a permanent lock from CareerSpace. You are responsible for attending any interviews that have been scheduled previously to the submission of the letter of apology.

This is a zero-tolerance policy.
This policy is cited from the USC Career Planning and Placement Center, OCI Recruiting User Contract

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