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About Us


The Career Center seeks to empower every Seaver College student to achieve lifelong professional success. Our programs and services provide students with opportunities to:

  • Participate in diverse professional development experiences
  • Leverage their liberal arts education
  • Discover their interests, skills, and values
  • Explore a wide range of career paths
  • Prepare them for purposeful careers


Partner with the Pepperdine community to empower and equip every Seaver College student to achieve purposeful work, gain industry insights, and become stewards of social impact. 


We emphasize four areas of professional development to prepare students for lifelong career success. 

Exploration - Empower all students to explore, identify, and pursue a career path consistent with their unique interests, skills, talents, and values.

Equip - Offer action-oriented guidance and preparation checklists by class year that provide career development milestones and resources for students to achieve greater career readiness skills.

Experience - Provide high-quality, hands-on career and professional development experiences to maximize students’ experiential learning opportunities and build their professional networks.

Employment/Education - Ensure equal access to internships, fellowships, employment opportunities, and post-graduate pathways, including the development of strategic partnerships with the Pepperdine community to maximize career opportunities for students.