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Job Seeker User Guide

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CareerSpace is your gateway to online Career Services, exclusively for Seaver students and alumni. Utilize its services to guide your career from start to finish. Use this web page to guide you through CareerSpace common questions.

 User Guide Quicklinks

 About CareerSpace

  • Full-time entry, full-time experienced, and part-time job listings
  • Internships located in Washington DC
  • Career Mentor Database
  • Career fair and employer presentation calendar
  • Resume Books for childcare, tutoring, and other topics
  • Virtual job search agents
  • Access to JobCentral, a job database with thousands of jobs outside California

Technical Settings:

Symplicity is the administrative software that powers CareerSpace. It requires the following:

  • When navigating through CareerSpace, use the back arrow located on the left hand side of your screen, next to your name. Do not use the browser arrows.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is recommended for PC users.
  • Firefox is recommended for Mac users.
  • Your computer must be set to “accept cookies.”

How are jobs reviewed and posted on CareerSpace?

The career center does not fully screen employers or jobs posted on CareerSpace; therefore, job seekers are encouraged to review the Employer Policy, use good judgment, caution, and common sense when applying and interacting with employers. Do not disclose social security numbers, credit card information or bank account numbers to unknown employers. For details on  privacy practices, please review the NACElink Privacy Policy and the Direct Employer’s Privacy Policy.

 Accessing Your Account

How do I access CareerSpace?

The University allows easy access for its students and alumni through the following methods. Note, newly enrolled students will receive access within the first few weeks of classes. To retrieve temporary access, contact the Student Employment office at 310.506.4177.

For Students: Access CareerSpace through WaveNet

  1. Follow the WaveNet link and enter your University network user ID and strong password
  2. Locate and click the CareerSpace link on the left-hand tool bar
  3. To enter CareerSpace, click the logo. (Note: This landing page features a list of alumni career mentors. Check it out by scrolling down and clicking "Search Mentors")

What if I'm having a problem logging in?

Note all users are encouraged to access CareerSpace directly or through WaveNet. This technical advancement provides heightened security to your account and easy access for job seekers.

I'm having trouble accessing CareerSpace using my Mac. What could be the problem?

On the Macintosh, CareerSpace currently supports the following browser versions: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 1.5 +, Safari 3+

Please note that Apple does not provide Safari updates past 1.0.3 unless users upgrade to Mac OS 10.3 or 10.4 (not a free upgrade). For users of Mac OS 10.2 or lower, Firefox is the only option. On a similar note, users of Mac OS 10.2 or lower may believe they are using the "current" version of Safari, because Apple Software Update does not report current versions which are unavailable to them.

 Searching for Positions

How do I search for jobs?

  1. Click on [Jobs] tab at the top toolbar
  2. Choose any of the options to search for jobs on the dropdown menu. Note the following:
    a.    CareerSpace Jobs (All types of jobs hosted on CareerSpace)
    b.    JobCentral.com (Searches millions of jobs from public job search engines and corporate web sites)
    c.    Internship Database (Takes you to the Internship Office’s database)
  3. If searching CareerSpace jobs, use the filters to narrow down the list of jobs that interest you

Job Search Tips

  • Expand your search to include more Job Functions or locations
  • Narrow your search by only Seaver College affiliated positions
  • Click [Jobs] at the top toolbar and select [JobCentral.com] in the drop down menu. This gives you access to millions of positions on public job search engines and corporate web sites.

What is a Job Agent?

A Job Agent searches your selected criteria 24 hours a day and sends you an email when it finds a match on CareerSpace. This feature frees you from having to search CareerSpace everyday for new jobs that fit your interest. To activate:

  1. Click on [Jobs] at the top toolbar
  2. Select "Jobs" in the drop-down
  3. Select the "Advanced Search" tab
  4. Select your desired criteria and click "Save As" at the top and label appropriately

 Applying for Positions

How do I apply for jobs?

The application process requested by the employer will be given within the job description (i.e., mail resume, call, email, online application).  Following these instructions diligently. Failure to do so may disqualify you from being considered. If you have any questions, contact the career center.

How do I upload documents?

Many job postings allow you to submit your resume directly through CareerSpace. To do this, you must upload your resume and other required documents into your account.

1. Click on [My Documents] at the top

2. Review all information on this page

3. Click [Add new]

4. Name your document under [Label]

5. Select the type of document you are uploading

6. Click [Browse] to upload the document from your files

*Note: The resume will be converted to PDF format – this could take 5 minutes

7. Click [Submit]

How do I know if I qualify?

Qualification status is based on requirements set by the employer such as major, minimum GPA, student standing, and work authorization. There are two ways to view if you qualify. When viewing job postings as a list, refer to the status column to see if you qualify. If hidden, click on the [show list with status] link to display this column. Qualification status is indicated by either a green checkmark √ (Qualify) or red x (Do not Qualify).  Otherwise, view a specific job posting by clicking the [Position Title] and view the full description and requirements. On the right-hand side to view the "Screening Criteria" area and "How to Apply" area.

How can I apply to childcare and tutoring positions?

There are two ways to secure childcare and tutoring positions. The first option is to click on [Jobs] at the top toolbar and select [Jobs] in the drop-down. To narrow your search to include only childcare or tutoring positions, use the [Position Type] filer. As a second option, you may place your resume in CareerSpace Resume Books. Employers with access to CareerSpace may access books to find candidates qualified for their openings. To include your resume in Resume Books, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on [My Documents] at the top toolbar
  2. Click on {Opt-in Resume Book] tab
  3. Identify the document you would like to include. If no documents are available, upload one now.
  4. Click [Select Resume Books]
  5. Name your resume under [Label] and select the Resume Books you would like it to be placed
  6. Click [Submit]

 Scheduling Counseling Appointments (this service is not available at this time)

How do I schedule or reschedule a Career Counseling appointment?

  1. Go to [Calendar/Career Counseling] tab at top
  2. Go to [Make a Career Counseling Appointment] tab
  3. Click on [New Appointment]
  4. If this is your first appointment with a career counselor:
    a.    Search by counseling availability
    b.    To search for counseling availability, click on a date (the grey dates are no longer available—appointments cannot be scheduled on today’s date, which is the date that is in the black box).
    c.    All the available times are listed
    d.    Click on the time you want to reserve
    e.    Then go to the right side of the screen and select the [Type] of appointment
    f.    Click [Submit Request]
  5. If this is your second appointment or more with a career counselor:
    a.    Search counseling availability with that specific counselor by checking the name of the counselor you last visited
    b.    Then search for their availability by clicking on a date (the grey dates are no longer available—appointments cannot be scheduled on today’s date, which is the date that is in the black box).
    c.    All the available times are listed
    d.    Click on the time you want to reserve, making sure it is with the correct counselor
    e.    Then go to the right side of the screen and select the [Type] of appointment
    f.    Click [Submit Request]
  6. To reschedule an appointment:
  7. a.    Cancel the appointment that does not work for you (see below for instructions to cancel)
  8. b.    Then schedule a new appointment (see above for instructions to schedule an appointment)

How do I cancel a Career Counseling appointment?

Appointments can be canceled 1 hour prior to scheduled appointment. To cancel, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to [Calendar / Career Counseling] tab at the top toolbar
  2. Go to [Make a Career Counseling Appointment] tab
  3. Look for the appointment you want to cancel
  4. Click [Cancel] under [Options]
  5. When prompted, click [OK]

 Viewing / Registering for career events

How do I view/register for events?

The Career Center sponsors many workshops, programs, and events to assist you with your job search needs. Employers hold Information Sessions throughout the year, allowing candidates to meet with the recruiters and learn more about the organization. To view and register for Workshops and/or Information Sessions, please do the following:
1.    Click on [Events] at the top to view Career Center events
2.    Select the tab for type of event
a.    Events
b.    Employer Presentations
c.    Workshops
3.    Click on the title of the event to view the full details
4.    Click [Go] or [RSVP] under the event’s information to attend. You can cancel your registration at anytime.

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If you have any questions about any of these CareerSpace topics or have questions not addressed in this user guide, send us an email at csoevent@pepperdine.edu or call 310.506.4184