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About the Communication Division

We're 600 students strong... with undergraduate majors and minors in:

Students studying communication at Pepperdine are exposed to a broad sweep of theories and practical applications. We'll encourage you to comprehend the diverse dynamics of human communication in all its contexts, then we'll encourage you to use that knowledge and the skills you'll learn to become world citizens exemplifying lives of purpose, service and leadership.

Our students complete meaningful internships at the top companies and media organizations in the nation. Most are offered jobs after they've completed those internships. The faculty teaching in classrooms and advising the student newspaper, magazine, television news programs, sports broadcasting, entertainment programs and the debate squads hold degrees from America's finest colleges and universities, and many are nationally recognized experts in their fields of research and practice.

Classrooms in the Center for Communication and Business are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment.  Our teaching and computer labs are refreshed each year so you'll learn on the newest equipment and software.