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Sport Administration Major

Program Overview

School: Seaver College
Location: Malibu

The interdisciplinary sports administration major at Seaver College is designed to provide students with practical preparation and grounding in the field. Successful completion of the program will allow graduates to enter the sport industry or continue their education in graduate school.

Sport Administration Degree

Our sport administration program prepares students with an understanding of essential communication and business principles necessary to effectively administer operations within the sport industry. Topics include: communications, research, management, marketing, finance, leadership, media relations, laws and regulations, and ethics.

Academic Information

Our Mission Statement

The sports industry has a major impact on American society. This major is designed to provide a strong Christian foundation of moral and ethical behavior combined with quality academic preparation to immediately enter the industry or continue academic preparation in graduate school.

Understanding the social, political, and economic impact of sports is essential to a leader in the sport industry. As sports administration majors study this process, they discover the fundamental influence sports have on social justice issues. Christians look to God's teachings and Christ's example to encourage redemption, peace, harmony, justice and love in all aspects of life, including one's profession.

Sports can be a significant contributor to the betterment of humanity. Christians may approach specific issues of operations or public policy differently, but they maintain a fundamental calling to do God's will. This major will challenge students to assess how their faith is foundational to their leadership.

Sports Administration Internships

Internship programs permit our sport administration majors to focus on the area of the sport industry they find most interesting. This field experience allows students to be a functioning part of an organization. The opportunity encourages reflection on theory, leadership, communication, service, and ethical decision-making.

Fast Facts Regarding Sport Administration Internships


  • To be eligible for an internship, applicants must have:
  • Completed 95 units
  • Completed all prerequisite courses required by the major advisor
  • Completed all three supplemental forms required by the Communication Division


  • A student must complete the registration process to be enrolled in an internship.


In addition to hours worked, students must meet each of the following criteria in order to obtain an internship for grade:

  • maintain a daily work journal at the internship site
  • must submit a written analysis of an issue confronting the internship organization
  • submit a reflective paper on the value of diversity within the internship organization
  • submit a written analysis of the leadership styles within the internship organization
  • submit a written reflection paper on the internship experience
  • submit a mid-term and final supervisor evaluation
  • maintain work samples to demonstrate their application of skills

Hours and Units

Students may receive two or four units of internship credit, and they may spread the units across two or more terms. One unit equals 45 contact hours of work during the semester. Work hours should neither be sporadic over a term, nor intensive over a few days. Ideally, for every one unit, the student should work at least three hours for at least 15 weeks (or at least eight hours per week in a full summer block). Retroactive or advance "credit" is not granted for hours worked outside a term's timeframe.

  • Two Units = 90 contact hours (Six hours per week for 15 weeks)
  • Four Units = 180 contact hours (12 hours per week for 15 weeks)


  1. Obtain the three forms from this website or pick them up in the Communication Division office in CCB 206.
  2. Submit the Ivory Division/Instructor Approval form and the White Release of Liability Form to the Communication Division office in CCB 206.
  3. Once you have submitted the forms listed above, the Division office will enroll in the internship. You will eventually need to submit the Gold Internship Application for academic credit. Your major advisor (the faculty member who approved your internship) will assign you credit for the internship. Please work closely with the faculty member to ensure that you receive credit for your internship.

Deadlines for Enrollment

Students must submit the required forms to the Communication Division before the second week of classes in fall and spring and by the first day of class during summer sessions I, II and III (depending on which session you want to enroll in).

How to Find an Internship

  1. Check the Career Services Pepperdine Internship Website
  2. Use job search engines
  3. Contact friends, family, and faculty—especially your major advisor
  4. Check the websites of particular companies directly
  5. Check with the Communication Division faculty internship coordinator, professor Debbie Wideroe at Debbie.Wideroe@pepperdine.edu for advice on how to find an internship.

Contact Us

For more information about the sport administration major, please contact:

Dr. John Watson

Professor and Coordinator of Sport Administration Major

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