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Internship programs permit advertising, journalism, organizational communication, public relations, and telecommunication majors to work in a professional capacity with newspapers, radio and television stations, advertising and public relations agencies, and also with industrial concerns. Students gain field experience at the same time as, and as a part of their academic training.

Fast Facts Regarding Internships


The Communication Internship is an opportunity for students to move from the study of liberal arts to their application as practical arts, specifically by improving students' essential skills in interpersonal communication, leadership, team participation and time management, through a cooperative learning environment, while recognizing and evaluating ethical dilemmas and the concept of vocation by observing professionals.


To be eligible for an internship, the applicant must have:

  • Completed 76 units
  • Completed all prerequisite courses required by the major (see your major advisor if you have any questions)


A student must complete the registration process to be enrolled in an internship. Description of the process and required forms is available on the internship pages at Career Services.


In addition to hours worked, a student must meet each of these criteria in order to obtain an internship for credit. Students:

  • must maintain a daily work journal at the internship site.
  • must complete a final Student Evaluation form by the Wednesday before finals.
  • must have internship supervisor complete the Internship Supervisor Evaluation by the Wednesday before finals.
  • need to attend and complete assignments for each mandatory internship class meetings held throughout the semester.
  • must submit a written reflection paper (paper length determined by credit hours).
  • need to maintain work samples to demonstrate their application of skills.

Hours & Units

Students may take up to four units of internship credit, and may spread the units across two or more summer terms. One unit equals 45 contact hours of work during the semester. Work hours should neither be sporadic over a term, nor intensive over a few days. Ideally, for every one unit, the student should work at least three hours for at least 15 weeks (or at least eight hours per week in a full summer block). Retroactive or advance "credit" is not granted for hours worked outside a term's time frame.

  • 1 Unit = 45 Contact Hours (3 Hours/Week for 15 Weeks)
  • 2 Units = 90 Contact Hours (6 Hours/Week for 15 Weeks)
  • 3 Units = 135 Contact Hours (9 Hours/Week for 15 Weeks)
  • 4 Units = 180 Contact Hours (12 Hours/Week for 15 Weeks)

Deadlines for Enrollment

Students must submit the required forms to the Communication Division before the second week of classes in Fall and Spring and by the first day of class during Summer Sessions I, II and III (depending on which session you want to enroll in).

Internship Class

There is a mandatory internship class for the Fall and Spring semesters. All students who are enrolled in an internship must attend the class. The date for the first internship class is listed in the class schedule. All of those who are enrolled in an internship will also receive an e-mail from the Internship Coordinator regarding the class.

How to Find an Internship

  1. Check the Career Services Pepperdine internship website
  2. Contact your major advisor
  3. Contact friends, family and faculty -- especially your major advisor
  4. Check the websites of particular companies directly

 Contact Our Division

Communication Division
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Division Office Location: CCB 206

Sarah Stone Watt
Dean & Associate Professor of Communication

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Office Manager

Sara Fernandez
Technology Liaison

 Communication Division Minors

Our division offers a number of minors to compliment your major. Please explore the following:

 Certificate in Conflict Management

Our Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Management (CCM) is a professional certification offered through the Communication Division of Seaver College and the Straus Institute of Pepperdine's Caruso School of Law. It is a one-year program beginning each Fall semester continuing through the Spring term.

Explore the program here

 Academic Catalog

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