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Journalism Major and Minor

Program Overview

School: Seaver College
Location: Malibu

Journalism Degree

The journalism major provides a foundation in writing, editing, reporting, research, video, law and ethics. As they prepare and present media content, majors learn to communicate effectively and collaborate on deadline. Majors learn how journalism serves communities with important, independently gathered information that citizens need to function in a free society. The program emphasizes news coverage that goes beyond conflict and controversy to seek stories of faith, hope and solutions to challenges. Classes are small as students work closely with faculty to develop their reporting, writing, design and presentation skills.

Journalism Minor

The journalism minor provides basic media skills to students with other majors who need to gather, create and share non-fiction content with general audiences. Journalism minors take 20 units that include almost all of the main, core journalism courses.

Quick Facts

  • 2Live News Shows
  • 80Stories Produced a Week Across All Mediums
  • 400,000Page Views for Student-Driven Content Each Year
  • 1:15Faculty-Student Ratio

About the Program

Journalism students join a dynamic field of storytellers across all media. This program is grounded in the fundamentals of accurate and ethical fact-gathering and reporting while anticipating emerging technological opportunities. This program achieves learning in three areas:


Classes prepare students with the technical and creative skills to tell truthful and meaningful stories across platforms and engage with audiences at multiple levels. Our students take classes that immerse them into on the ground reporting and the ethics and law surrounding the creation and distribution of content. Journalism students also complete an outside concentration, which requires three upper-division courses in an area outside of journalism to build and diversify the knowledge and expertise expected of journalists.

Hands-On Student Media Experience

Student media welcome students the first day they step onto campus. Pepperdine Graphic Media (digital news, newspaper, magazine) and NewsWaves (live television and streaming news) involve students in real-world journalism. From writing stories to operating cameras, designing a magazine and reporting live from the scene of news events, student journalists learn in real-world conditions with the guidance of seasoned faculty with strong professional and academic backgrounds.


Internships give students professional media experience off campus to help them transition to their careers. Students can choose from internship sites at major media outlets in nearby Los Angeles or other major metropolitan areas around the world.

To see work produced by journalism students inside and outside of the classroom check out the links below:

Student Opportunities

Real-World Experiences

Our experiential learning opportunities encourage you to learn as you experience the "real world." This experience not only looks great on a resume, but also puts you ahead of other students when competing for similar jobs.

Outstanding Student Leaders

Students from all different majors at Seaver College participate in our extracurricular activities, combining their natural talents with their dedication and outstanding work ethics to refine their craft and become proud representatives of their particular programs. We are proud to highlight our wonderful student leaders and showcase their work and dedication to our programs.

Internships for Communication Majors

Communication internship programs provide opportunities for students studying journalism, organizational communication, public relations, and telecommunication to work in a professional capacity with newspapers, radio and television stations, and advertising and public relations agencies. Students gain field experience at the same time as, and as a part of, their academic training.

Our Students

Thousands of successful professionals and civic leaders have earned degrees from the Communication Division at Seaver College. Learn about our honor societies and a few notable Pepperdine alumni who are making a difference.

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