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British Parliamentary Debate

British Parliamentary Debate is a partnered impromptu style of debate that mirrors the style of the British Parliament. At the beginning of each round, students receive the debated motion and have 15 minutes to prepare arguments for their assigned stance. 

Debate topics vary widely, ranging from the moral implications of being a sentient bee (yes, that’s a real one) to strategies for combatting geopolitical issues. This format promotes argumentation strategy, rapid critical thinking, and fun! 

For more information email: abi.smith@pepperdine.edu



  • September 2018: SDSU Courtney Deaver and Luke Sides Novice Finals
  • November 2018: Kazakhstan Open
  • December 2018: WUDC in South Africa
  • February 2019: Lafayette Debates at USC Luke Sides and Colette Faulkner, Semi-Finals
  • September 2019: SDSU Theodore Flunker and Ishaan Mehta,  Novice Finals
    • Theodore Flunker 1st Novice Speaker, 5th Open Speaker
    • Chase Johnson 7th Novice Speaker
    • Jagger Pirtle 8th Novice Speaker
  • October 2019: Hart House IV
  • October 2019: St. Ignatius Dialogues AJ,, Danica, and Caelan 3rd Place
    • AJ 5th Speaker
  • November 2019: UCLA IV
    • Ishaan and Teddy Novice Final
    • Colette and Kendall Open Final
  • November 2019: Social Justice Debates
    • Ishaan and Chase Novice Champions
  • February 2020: Western Lafayette Debates
    • Samantha Miller and AJ Muoangolu Finalists
  • February 2020: USC IV
  • March 2020: Ecole de Guerre Deliberations on Climate & Security, Paris
    • Kendall Ross and Colette Faulkner