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SSC Proctoring Services

The Student Success Center (SSC) offers Seaver College faculty the option for proctoring of in-person make-up exams by SSC proctors at an in-person testing location. The SSC Proctoring Service is a first-come, first-serve service. Thus, space is limited and not guaranteed. Interested faculty members can complete this short Professor Approval Form and subsequently instruct their student(s) in need of a make-up exam to book an appointment for proctoring services on Navigate360. Both the Professor Approval Form and the student proctoring request must be submitted in order for an appointment to be fully confirmed.

In order to ensure that accommodations are implemented accurately, the SSC Proctoring Service does not proctor exams requiring accommodations. Exams with accommodations should be arranged with the professor, who may choose for the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA) to proctor the exam. 


Process for Faculty

  Step 1: Complete the Professor Approval Form

All student requests for proctoring will be denied until the SSC staff receives a completed Professor Approval Form from a faculty member. 

  Step 2: Confirm Time and Date

Once the Professor Approval Form has been submitted and a student has booked an appointment on Navigate360, Seaver Proctoring Service, will confirm the date, time, and course with the student and faculty member. 

  Step Three: Receive the Completed Exam

The coordinator of the SSC Proctoring Service will return physical exams through campus mail. However, professors can pick up the exam from the SSC if preferred.


Process for Students

  Step 1: Receive an Invitation from Your Professor 

A professor must invite a student to utilize the SSC Proctoring Service and complete a Professor Approval Form. Any appointment requested by a student before the professor’s invitation and approval will be denied. 

  Step 2: Book an Appointment on Navigate360

Once your professor has completed the Professor Approval Form, you must book an appointment for a specific date and time using Navigate360. Once the appointment has been requested, the coordinator of the SSC Proctoring Service will contact the student and professor within one - two business days to confirm the appointment. Students should be aware that testing services operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The SSC cannot guarantee availability. If no spots are available, students will need to make other arrangements with their professors.  

  Step 3: The Day of the Exam

Students should arrive at the testing location 15 minutes before their exam start time. Students must present their student ID to the proctor and agree to the policies prior to receiving their exam. Supplying a CWID# will not be sufficient to verify the student’s identity. If a student is late to their scheduled start time, the allotted test time will not be extended. Students are expected to arrive fully prepared for their exam. The SSC Proctoring Service cannot provide testing tools or resources (pencils, scantrons, calculators, etc.). 


Policies and Procedures

  Booking Appointments
  • All requested appointments must be pre-approved by a professor. A proctoring request will be denied if the professor does not complete the Professor Approval Form prior to the student scheduling the exam.
  • All proctoring appointments must be requested at least a week in advance using Navigate360.
  • The SSC Proctoring Service functions as an appointment-based, first-come, first-serve student service. Therefore, the SSC cannot guarantee availability.
  • Students will be notified when their appointment is confirmed or denied. 
  Canceling or  Rescheduling Proctoring Appointments
  • If a student has to cancel or reschedule their proctoring appointment, they must inform Seaver Proctoring Service (sscproctoring@pepperdine.edu) and their professor as soon as possible. The student must work with the professor to reschedule their proctoring.  
  • Seaver Proctoring Service cannot guarantee that there will be space to reschedule an exam once an appointment has been canceled. 
  • Professors must approve any changes to exam times and dates.  
  No-Shows and Late Policy
  • Students over 30 minutes late to their exam will be considered no-shows and will not be permitted to take their exam.    
  • One no-show will lead to the cancellation of additional proctoring appointments for the remainder of the semester. Upon an additional no-show in a future semester, a student will no longer be able to book appointments with the SSC Proctoring Service.
  • The allotted exam time will not be extended if students are late to their scheduled proctoring appointment. 
  • SSC Proctoring Service will notify the professor if a student is 15+ minutes late. 
  Unapproved Electronics or Materials

Unapproved electronics or materials in the exam room are an Academic Integrity Violation and will be reported.

  • Cell phones and wearable electronics (such as Apple watches and Fitbits) are prohibited in the testing space. All electronics should be turned in to the proctor until the end of the exam period. If a student is found with a cell phone or wearable electronic device on their person during an exam, whether or not it can be demonstrated that the device was accessed during the exam, possession of the device will be considered an academic integrity violation and reported to the Academic Integrity Committee.
  Restroom Usage
  • Students must notify the proctor if they need to exit the proctoring space for any reason.
  • The student is not permitted to leave the testing room during an exam, except to use the restroom. 
  • Restroom breaks that exceed ten minutes will be reported to the professor. 
  • Professors can submit their own restroom policies on the Professor Approval Form.



  Can a student book a proctoring appointment prior to receiving a professor’s invitation for SSC Proctoring?

No. Any appointment scheduled by a student that is not pre-approved by their instructor will be denied. 

  How long in advance should a student schedule an exam?

The SSC Proctoring Service requires all exam requests to be made seven days prior to the preferred exam date. However, it is recommended that students request a testing slot as far in advance as possible, as space is limited. 

  Is there a fee to use Seaver Proctoring Services? 

No, all SSC services are free to current Seaver College students. To see other academic support services, please visit the SSC webpage

  Who provides the exam proctor?

All SSC Proctoring Service proctors are graduate assistants enrolled in a Pepperdine graduate program. The SSC hires and trains these proctors. 

  How should students proceed who have an  accommodation through the Office of Student Accessibility or think they need accommodations? 

Students who want to use an accommodation for an exam or who are interested in receiving accommodations for exams must contact the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA). Exam accomodation information is available on the OSA site. Exams with accommodations should be arranged with the professor, who may choose for OSA to proctor the exam. In order to ensure that accommodations are implemented accurately, the SSC Proctoring Service does not proctor exams requiring accommodations.

  What should students do who need to cancel or move their scheduled proctored exam? 

If students have to cancel or move their proctored exam dates, they should notify both their professor and the SSC Proctoring Service team as soon as possible via email (sscproctoring@pepperdine.edu). While the SSC Proctoring Service will attempt to accommodate the preferences of the student and professor, proctoring availability functions on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Please contact sscproctoring@pepperdine.edu if you have any questions.