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Navigate FAQs

Have a question about the Navigate desktop or student app? We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions and have made them available to you. Just click on the category below that best describes your question. 

Accessing Navigate

  How do I access the mobile app?

Visit the Explore Navigate webpage. Scroll down and select Download on the App Store or Google Play. 

  How do I access the desktop version?

Open Wavenet to access the desktop version of the site. Navigate is located under “popular links”.

  Who has access to the mobile app?

All students have access to the mobile app. 

  Why am I getting an error when I try to login?

Be sure you are logging in with your Pepperdine credentials. Try refreshing your browser and logging in again. 

  Who do I contact if I have login issues?

If you experience login issues, contact navigatehelp@pepperdine.edu.

Scheduling an Appointment through Navigate

  How do I schedule an appointment on the app?

In the appointment schedule feature, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor or faculty member if they have appointment availability set up. If they have not set up available meeting times, you could view available “drop in” times. 

  How do I schedule an appointment on the desktop?

Log onto Navigate through Wavenet, and sign on with your Pepperdine credentials. Once within the platform, click on the purple appointment icon, located under “To Do’s and Events”. 

  Who can I schedule an appointment with in Navigate?

You may schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, OneStop Advisor, or even current professors as long as they have entered their availability into the platform. 

  Will I get notifications/reminders before the appointment?

Yes, you can opt into email and/or SMS notification reminders for your upcoming appointments. 

  Why is Navigate not allowing me to schedule an appointment with a certain advisor/individual?

Navigate will not allow you to schedule an appointment if a course or other calendar event conflicts with the advisor/individual’s availability, or if all appointment slots have been taken. If this happens, use the message feature to reach out to the individual you would like to meet with for assistance. 

  What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment within the app or desktop version of the platform.

  What if I do not see the department or individual listed when I go to book an appointment?

Try reaching out to the department or individual through the message portal.

Academic Planner

  Where do I find the Academic Planner feature in Navigate?

The Academic Planner is only on the desktop version.

  Why should I use the Academic Planner?

The Academic Planner allows you to collaborate with your advisor and plan your path to an on-time graduation. By using the planner, you can lay out your classes, term-by-term, keep track of which courses you have enrolled in and completed, and also receive confirmation or suggestions from your advisor to ensure you are making the right course choices.

  How do I add courses to an upcoming term?

View the Academic Planner tutorial video to learn how to add courses to an upcoming term.

  Can my advisor see my edits within the Academic Planner in Navigate?

Yes, your advisor can review and offer comments or suggestions to your plan within the Academic Planner.

  Can my advisor make their own edits in my academic plan and will I see these edits?

Advisors can make suggestions for your academic plan. You may view these under Advisor Plans.

  I am preparing for registration, what is the best practice when using the Academic Planner?

Be sure to review your DAR (Degree Audit Report) in Wavenet then link to Navigate to build your plan.Review the Academic Planner video for instructions on how to add terms and courses in the Academic Planner.

  Can I register for classes within the Navigate portal?

No, you can only register for classes within the registration portal. 

  I have planned my courses for the upcoming semester and want to see how it works with my work & campus activities schedule; how do I view a sample schedule in Navigate?

After building your plan, click on the Schedule button to create sample schedules that fit the courses you wish to take.

  What does the term “matched” mean when selecting classes?

A “matched” course is one that you have already completed. 

  What does the term “pinned” mean when selecting classes?

A “pinned” course is one you have planned to take.

  What if I need to schedule a class in which I need a code from the instructor?

You will want to be sure to contact your instructor and be in communication with your advisor.

  Can I make edits to my academic plan?

Yes you can and the great thing is that your advisors will see this.


  How do I find out who my OneStop or major/minor advisor is?

Select the Resources tab and then “people”. Your OneStop and major/minor advisor will be listed here. 

  How do I search for different resources on campus?

On the left hand side of the Navigate home screen, select the  Resources tab to search and review information. 

  How do I find my class schedule?

You can view your schedule by clicking on the yellow airplane icon on the left side of the Navigate home screen. 

Study Buddies

  How do I find the Study Buddies feature? 

The Study Buddies feature is the green icon of two people located on the left side of the home screen.

  When I opt-in to a study group for a particular class, who receives that information?

Any student who has also opted into a study group for a particular class will receive this information. 

  How do I get in touch with peers that have also opted into Study Buddies for a particular course?

Once you join a Study Buddies group, you can select others that have joined the group and send an email to communicate with them. 

  Will I receive notifications?

Yes, if you opted to receive notifications within your settings in Navigate you will receive notifications whenever you receive a response from a Study Buddies peer.

Please contact navigatehelp@pepperdine.edu for quick support.