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The Randumb Show

TV32 in Malibu currently hosts student news, home basketball and volleyball games, comedy shows and talk shows. The station is available from cable providers in Malibu and the surrounding areas.

Randumb Show

The Randumb Show is the longest running student-produced TV show in the history of Pepperdine University. The Randumb Show alumni are scattered throughout the entertainment community. The show originated in 1995 when Mike Richards (now Executive Producer of "The Price is Right" & "Let's Make a Deal") was asked to leave the News team because he made too many jokes on air. He was allotted a space on what was then TV3 (later TV26, and currently TV32) to host and produce a show in a late night talk style where he would call up guests, roll a number of sketches and host a musical guest.

The Randumb Show

Since Mike the show has seen various producers and formats. During the 2009-2010 season, Seth Allison & Jeff Loveness (now a writer for "Jimmy Kimmel live") produced the show with Grant Harling Directing and Kyle Helf and Mishy Turner as key contributors. This was the first year the show has been completely field produced and it took on more of a Monty Python's Flying Circus feel. The team produced six episodes, including a special 15 year Anniversary show featuring Mike Richards and filmed on the set of The Price is Right with Drew Carey. The following season, Allison returned as producer with a team of Blake Curtis, Mishy Turner, Hayden Christensen, & Robby DeVillez as co-producers.

Newer programs include Buenas Noches Pepperdine and ManWaves.

All Pepperdine students are welcome to serve as crewmembers and eventually work up to writing, hosting, producing or directing our existing programs, or to propose a new program. Ours is one of the few universities in the United States that allows students to begin working on a television program or filmed narrative production beginning the first day of their freshman year.