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Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program dates?

COM 441 Meets first half of Fall semester
COM 442 Meets second half of Fall semester
COM 443 Meets first half of Spring semester
COM 444 Meets second half of Spring semester

Can I take these courses even if I'm not admitted to the program?

Seaver students may not take the conflict management courses (COM 441, 442, 443, 444) unless they have been admitted to the certificate program. The theory courses are open to all students.

Will any of these courses count toward my major?

Seaver Students: The conflict management courses are upper-division elective credit. The other courses are regular Seaver courses and fulfill the same requirements as they do in the academic year.

What if I don't have 60 completed units at the time of application, but I will by the time the program begins?

You will need to have 60 units completed by the time the program begins. Please note on your application the number of units you have in-progress.

What if I haven't taken Sociology 200 or Psychology 200?

You may request an exception. Write a brief paragraph explaining your request, include any course work that you feel should be equivalent.