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Outstanding Student Leader: Pepperdine Graphic Media

Andrew Kasselmann

College is a time where preparing yourself for the working world is absolutely crucial and 22-year-old senior Andrew Kasselmann is ahead of the game.

Kasselmann is the current president of Pepperdine Graphic Media (PGM), an organization on campus in charge of running Pepperdine's many media sources, including the Graphic, News Waves, and Currents. Kasselmann's multiple years of experience with Pepperdine's media organizations have given him a leg up in preparing for life after college.

"What I have learned in management here has been extremely helpful," Kasselmann said. Although Kasselmann majors in economics, he said he feels that the experience working for the Graphic and PGM will give him valuable skills that will transfer over to any field. He is a perfect example that a student does not need to be a journalism major to get involved with, and be successful in, the school's media sources.

By working in a managerial position for PGM, Kasselmann is learning valuable people skills, as well as how to make deadlines while managing a busy schedule.

As a freshman at Pepperdine, Kasselmann was eager to get involved with Pepperdine's student newspaper. "When I was in high school, I worked on my schools newspaper," Kasselmann said, "so I knew I wanted to get involved with Pepperdine's paper."

At first, Kasselmann started writing for the Graphic as a sports writer, and then transitioned into news. Junior year, he became the managing editor, and his first semester of his senior year he became the senior executive editor. Now, in his final semester at Pepperdine, he is the president of PGM.

Kasselmann is working hard to leave his mark on PGM. "I am working to create a more cohesive organization focused on accountability while hitting deadlines and maintaining quality and accurate content," he said.

Kasselman's work with Pepperdine's media has given him valuable skills and experiences, and he in return has dedicated his time and skills to making PGM successful.