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Junior Writing Portfolio: Submission Instructions

Below, please find the instructions for submitting the JWP: 

      1. In your browser, go to: https://courses.pepperdine.edu.
      2. LOGIN using your Pepperdine ID and password.
      3. Click on the JWP 301.01 TAB at the top of the screen. (If you don't see it, check your schedule on Wavenet to make sure you are enrolled in JWP 301).
      4. Click on the ASSIGNMENTS tab on the left of the screen.
      5. Click on the Junior Writing Portfolio assignment and attach the following files (in PDF or MS Word format) to the assignment:
        1. Cover Letter
        2. 4 papers
        3. Record of Porfolio Submissions

Once you can see your files in the dropbox, you are done. There is nothing more you need to do. You will be notified after the due date whether or not your portfolio has been received. 

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT have a JWP 301.01 SP19 tab, then you are not registered for the JWP and you must go to OneStop to be enrolled before submitting a portfolio.

Record of Portfolio Submissions Form (MS Word Document)

Paper Portfolios

    We are no longer accepting paper portfolios. If you do not have digital copies of your papers, you may bring hard copies to the library and scan them into PDF documents using the photocopiers. You may then upload your pdf files to the JWP courses site following the directions above. If you need assistance with either scanning or uploading your files, please see any or our Writing Center tutors in the Writing Center, located in the Academic Center for Excellence in Payson Library, third floor.

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