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English Composition

In this requirement, students will develop strong academic writing and argumentation. The skills practiced in this requirement--extensive reading, effective development and presentation of argument, and clear, succinct writing for a variety of purposes-- will prove useful to students no matter which field they choose to pursue.

Course which fulfills the English Composition requirement:

ENG 101 English Composition (3 units)

An intensive writing workshop. The emphasis is on reading and writing critically and developing an effective writing process, including strategies for generating and researching ideas, drafting, revision, and editing. Students read extensively about current issues and produce portfolios demonstrating their ability to write for a variety of purposes, focusing particularly on academic writing. Students must complete ENG 101 by the end of their first year of study. Graded A, B, C, and NC.

International students may be required to take ENG 100 before enrolling in ENG 101.

ENG 100 Composition for ELL Students (3 units)

Focuses on the skills necessary for academic discourse, including critical thinking, analytical reading, synthesis, argumentation, and research. Students will produce a portfolio of writing which reflects proficiency in these areas. Placement in the course is based upon a diagnostic examination given at the beginning of the term. Graded A, B, C, NC. Must be taken concurrently with GSEN 199.