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OneStop is located on the second floor of the Thornton Administrative Center.

Student Service Advisors

Evan Gold - Senior Advisor, Student Administrative Services

Working at OneStop has allowed me to make direct changes in a student's academic careers. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist students in reaching their goals, both inside and outside of the classroom. Working here gives me privilege to explore my passion for higher education and harbor meaningful relationships. I have a deep love for anything automotive, exploring new restaurants and golf. During my lunch break you can catch me at alumni park playing with my RC car or walking around campus. Currently my favorite food is any quality sushi and bread and dip from Taverna Tony.

Email: evan.gold@pepperdine.edu

Evelyn Valtier

Working at OneStop gives me the opportunity to help and serve students with various procedures. It also allows me to provide students with guidance and support to achieve their goals. I especially enjoy meeting students not just from the states, but from all over the globe. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and trying different cuisines.

Email: evelyn.valtier@pepperdine.edu

John K. Wood

I love working with Pepperdine students! At OneStop, I am able to use my skills in counseling and problem solving to help our students navigate their way from first entering college to graduating. It is always my goal to provide top-notch service with a warm demeanor... and sometimes a dash of humor or information that is educational. I like sports, dachshund puppy videos and tri-tip but I am a picky eater.

Email: john.wood@pepperdine.edu

Lydia Gastelum

I am excited to be working with OneStop because it allows me the opportunity to directly assist students with accomplishing their academic goals. As a first-generation college student, I understand how challenging and confusing this transition can be, and would like to provide my students with support in any way I can. One of the greatest experiences I had in undergrad was being able to study abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I love traveling, and it is definitely something I try to do as much as possible. I encourage any student who has the opportunity to go abroad to do it! When I’m not helping students, I am a student at Cal Lutheran University, where I am getting my Master of Science in Counseling. On those rare occasions when I find myself with some free time, I love to play with make-up, read, cuddle with my puppy (Chula), and catch up on as much sleep as I can!

Email: lydia.gastelum@pepperdine.edu

Contact Information

Phone: 310.506.7999
Email: onestop@pepperdine.edu
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