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American Experience

The American Experience requirement is made up of two courses: one political science course and one history course. The American Experience engages students in the culture, history, and politics of the United States, expanding upon knowledge of past and present challenges in American society and encouraging students to think critically and consider diverse perspectives. 

Courses fulfilling the American Experience requirement:

POSC 104 American People and Politics (4 units)

Provides a broad overview of the American political system, focusing on the historical and cultural context of its development. Intended to develop a basic understanding of the Constitutional foundations of the government of the United States, the role played by parties and interest groups throughout American history, the functions of the various branches of government and the evolution of their relations inter se, the methods by which public policy is formulated, and the role that diverse groups play in the policy process. In addition, the course seeks to enhance the ability of students to use historical and cultural understanding as a basis for the formation of independent judgments on current political issues. 

HIST 204 History of the American Peoples (4 units)

This course provides  a historical overview of the American peoples from pre-colonial times to the present, exploring the variety of the American experience in the context of political, social, and intellectual developments.