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Junior Writing Portfolio | Requirements

Student Requirements

  1. All first Seaver College undergraduate students are responsible for completing the Junior Writing Portfolio. Therefore, it is important that students store their papers so that they can access them when the time comes to complete the JWP. It is highly suggested that you use an online storage repository such as Google Drive: http://google.pepperdine.edu/
  2. When students have acquired over 60 units of credit and are in their junior year of school, they will submit a portfolio for evaluation by the JWP Committee (consisting of faculty members from across the disciplines).
  3. Each portfolio must include:

    1. A cover letter from the student (2 pages, double-spaced), which explains the choice of papers included in the portfolio and describes his/her writing experiences during first two years at Pepperdine. See sample cover letter.
    2. 4 papers from classes taught at Pepperdine.
    3. Record of Portfolio Submission form, detailing the name of the instructor and the class for which the paper was written, and the date the paper was submitted for grading. (This form is available for download by clicking here). All papers that are submitted are subject to verification for plagiarism and authorship.

Suggestions for papers to include: (You may provide substitutions where necessary, and explain your choices in your cover letter)

  • A selection of papers from at least 3 different courses
  • One paper from student's major. (If no class has been taken in the student's major then submit a paper in a related discipline.)
  • One paper that required research
  • At least 2 papers written during the sophomore and/or junior years.
  • One paper from ENG 101 or equivalent (such as Great Books or Social Action and Justice Colloquium). If you did not take any of these courses, please submit another paper and explain your choice in your cover letter.
  • The entire portfolio should include at least 20 pages of writing. (20 pages is the minimum required number of pages. It is fine to include more than 20 pages.)

* Transfer students may use up to two (2) papers from other institutions. At least two (2) papers should be from Pepperdine University.

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