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General Education

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Introduction to General Education at Seaver College

The general education (GE) curriculum is the foundation of the Seaver College liberal arts curriculum and supports the University’s Christian mission by grounding students in skills, knowledge, and perspectives in order to prepare students for leadership in an interconnected, innovative, and competitive world by offering options for various paths of study in key fields of knowledge. Recognizing that an awareness of difference and diversity is essential to success in the 21st century, the curriculum explores cultures, values, and ideas that situate the student within the global community and foster the ability to empathize with others. In the GE curriculum, the University’s emphasis on Christian scripture, history, and theology is made explicit through the Christianity and Culture sequence. While some GE courses provide students opportunities to develop knowledge and skills, the ultimate goal of the GE is to develop the whole person and to challenge students to consider and work toward a meaningful life.

The GE curriculum has been designed to cultivate that community through shared experiences such as the Foundations of Reasoning seminar or through multi-semester such as Great Books or Social Action and Justice; see alternate pathways. Students may further individualize their GE experience by selecting from a variety of courses that satisfy certain requirements. At Seaver College, each student's chosen major and the GE curriculum work together to provide the necessary tools that will equip him or her to make meaningful and ethical decisions in his or her professional and personal endeavors.


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