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First-Year Seminar

During their first semester of undergraduate study, students enroll in the seminar of their choice, assigned on a rolling basis (first come, first served). Topics vary each semester and stem from various divisions such as humanities, natural science, and social science.

Though each course is unique, all sections emphasize priming students for university life. First-Year Seminars all acquaint students with the library and cultivate skills in information literacy as well as other skills which will be useful throughout their college careers. Furthermore, First-Year Seminars emphasize educating the whole student, focusing not only on academic skills but also introducing students to the various services at the university and encouraging students to think beyond simply their future careers and consider instead their greater purpose--their vocation-- and apply the University's mission to their own lives. Ultimately, the First-Year Seminar program is intended to build a community among the first year students and prepare them for the rest of their college careers.

Courses fulfilling the First-Year Seminar requirement:

GS 199

Specific catalog number varies depending on the seminar. Visit the NSO page for a current list of seminars.

Students may also enroll in special seminars which begin a general education sequence: Great Books Colloquium or the Social Action and Justice (SAAJ) Colloquium. Each of these colloquia begins a four-course sequence.