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University/Private Financial Assistance

Pepperdine University requires that students understand and agree to the terms and conditions regarding all financial assistance policies. These policies are located on our website.

Special Achievement Scholarships

Many of the departments at Pepperdine offer scholarships to students who demonstrate strong talent in the areas of athletics, music, art, theatre, debate, science, etc. For many divisional scholarships, the student must complete a certain number of units in their major and maintain a specific GPA in order to be eligible. If you are interested in applying for special achievement scholarship pertaining to your major, please contact the appropriate academic division regarding application requirements and deadlines.

Athletics Department 310-506-4150
Business Department (Click here to email.) 310-506-4237
Communication/Journalism Department (Click here to email.) 310-506-4211

Fine Arts Department:
Art: Professor Ty Pownall
Art History: Dr. Cynthia Colburn
Instrumental: Professor Tony Cason
Music: Dr. Ryan Board
Theatre: Dr. Bradley Griffin

Humanities and Teacher Education Department (310-506-4225)
International Studies and Languages Department (310-506-7446)
Natural Science Department 310-506-4321
Religion and Philosophy Department (310-506-4352)
Social Science Department 310-506-4372
Pepperdine University General Number 310-506-4000

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Pepperdine University's Regents' Scholars Program rewards the academic achievement of a select group of entering fall freshmen and transfer students. Regents' Scholars represent the students admitted to Pepperdine with the highest grade point averages (as Pepperdine calculates them) and the highest standardized test scores. These awards are typically offered to the top 10% of the incoming class, so the number of award recipients varies with each year. Regents' Scholars Program scholarships are awarded only at the time of admission and cannot be appealed. The two scholarships available in the program include:

  • Regents Scholarship ($30,000)
  • Blanche E. Seaver Scholarship ($36,000)

Regents' Scholars Program scholarships are renewable for as many as four years or eight semesters total. Regents' scholars and Blanche E. Seaver Scholars must maintain a 3.25 Pepperdine cumulative GPA, full-time status and may not be placed on academic or disciplinary probation while at Pepperdine.

Merit Scholarships

The George Pepperdine Achievement Award is a merit scholarship awarded to students that qualify at the time of admission. This scholarship is awarded to students who display academic achievement and overall strength as an applicant but were not eligible for a Regents' Scholars Program scholarship or Pepperdine Grant. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years at Pepperdine, and the scholarship amount remains the same from year to year. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue receiving this scholarship each semester.

No additional application process is required for incoming first-year students to be considered for these merit scholarships. Transfer students must complete the Transfer Student Academic Scholarship Application to be considered for a Regents' Scholars Program award. There is no additional application required for transfer students to be considered for the George Pepperdine Achievement Award. Because merit scholarship funds are often exhausted in the fall semester, merit scholarships are limited for entering spring semester students. For those students who apply and qualify for need-based financial assistance, the merit scholarship will become part of the financial assistance package, coordinated with other awards. These scholarships can only apply to tuition charges, and they will be prorated if the student drops below full-time status (12-18 units).

For those who do not qualify for merit scholarships at the time of admission but display academic excellence while at Pepperdine, the university also offers a Faculty Staff Scholarship. Learn about our Faculty Staff Scholarship.


Pepperdine Grant

Pepperdine Grant funds are made available from University resources. This grant is need based with an academic component. It reflects the student's total need, as calculated by the FAFSA, and overall academic strength as an applicant to the University. The Pepperdine Grant is awarded as a supplement to a student's financial assistance package.

This grant is awarded upon the time of admission and is renewable for up to four years at Pepperdine. The grant remains the same in dollar amount from year to year. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue receiving this grant each semester. To be considered for this award, incoming students must have a correct FAFSA submitted and sent to Pepperdine by the priority deadline of February 15th. Besides the FAFSA, no additional application process is required for an incoming student to be considered for this award. Once awarded, returning students with the Pepperdine Grant do not need to apply for the FAFSA each year for the grant to be renewed. This award will be prorated if the student drops below full time status (12-18 units) during their time at Pepperdine. This award can only apply to tuition charges.

Church of Christ Scholarships

Pepperdine is committed to providing church-related scholarship assistance to students from the Church of Christ tradition. There are two Christian scholarship opportunities for applicants that demonstrate active participation in their home Church of Christ congregation.


1. Christian Leadership Award ($5,000)

STEP 1: Submit the general Pepperdine admission application by the November 1 deadline for Early Action or January 15 deadline for Regular Decision admission.

STEP 2: Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by November 1 for Early Action or February 15 for Regular Decision admission.

STEP 3: Submit a recommendation from a Church of Christ leader (minister, youth minister, elder, or deacon) by November 1 for Early Action or February 15 for Regular Decision admission.


2. Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) Helen Young Scholarship ($5,000)

Formerly known as the Associated Women for Pepperdine (AWP) Scholarship

STEP 1: Complete the Christian Leadership Award application process (Steps 1-3 above).

STEP 2: Submit the Helen Young Scholarship Form by February 15.

These awards are automatically renewed for the same dollar amount each year as long as the student continues to meet the Terms and Conditions of the PLP contract. Students must maintain a cumulative 2.5 Pepperdine GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress for the award to be renewed. These awards can only apply to tuition charges.

Diane and Guilford Glazer Scholarship

The Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies offers annual scholarships of $5,000 to qualified undergraduate students interested in the study of Judaism and Jewish-Christian relations. Glazer Scholars will participate in coursework, events, and summer programs with the Glazer Institute and play a critical role in the Glazer Institute as a student representative. The Glazer Institute welcomes applications from admitted undergraduate students as well as current undergraduate students in their freshman or sophomore years. See the full details and application instructions here.

Outside/Private Scholarships

Private scholarships, many of which are based on merit or special criteria, are an increasingly important source of funding for students. Pepperdine administers private scholarships which are called "restricted scholarships." Please see below for additional information. You may also research outside/private scholarship sources in scholarship books which can be found in most libraries, or refer to some suggested sites on our Outside/Private page. Outside/ Private scholarships must be coordinated with need-based awards according to established University policies. You may also research outside scholarships on the internet.

Pepperdine participates in the National Merit Scholarship Program. If a National Merit student selects Pepperdine as their final, first-choice school at the end of the process, the student may be awarded $1,000 or $2,000 scholarship dollars.

Pepperdine University Restricted Scholarships

Pepperdine University has many restricted scholarship and loan programs which are administered by the Office of Student Financial Assistance. These funds are provided by private donors who strongly believe in the importance of assisting worthy students who demonstrate ability to benefit from the educational system offered by Pepperdine University. Recipients of these scholarships and loans are selected on the basis of financial need and/or merit by the appropriate foundation or scholarship agency or by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Frank James "Buddy" Vinci and George B. Ellsworthe Scholarship

This scholarship was established to benefit students with financial need who are pursuing a bachelor's degree at Seaver College. Preference will be given to students whose academic work or personal involvement has demonstrated a commitment to promoting the health (mental or physical) and wellness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community. Emphasis will be on the actual service, volunteerism, employment, and extracurricular activities. Applications will be emailed to incoming and returning students mid-summer and must be submitted no later than July 16, 2018.

Foster Youth Horizon Scholars Program

Pepperdine's Foster Youth Horizon Scholars Program supports current and former foster youth through dedicated professionals who offer services encouraging students to become self-supporting, role models, successful professionals, and conscious community leaders, while fulfilling their goals and dreams in higher education. Learn more