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Terms and Conditions

By accepting the financial aid package and/or enrollment in classes offered by Pepperdine University, Seaver College, the student agrees to comply with the terms and conditions listed below, acknowledging that you are the student:

  • Students must meet the priority deadline to be considered for most types of aid. The priority deadline is February 15 for incoming students and March 15 for returning students to complete the FAFSA in order to continue to be considered for certain types of need-based aid. Need-based aid includes, but is not limited to, Federal Work Study, FSEOG, Seaver Trust Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized Loan, etc.
  • The Financial Assistance Office reserves the right on behalf of the University to review and cancel an award at any time because of changes in the student's financial or academic program or status, or because of the recipient's failure to observe the general requirements as stated in the Seaver Catalog. Financial assistance may be subject to change without notice due to reduction, cancellation, verification, audit, or changes in institutional, outside awards, federal and/or state programs.
  • I must meet all federal eligibility requirements, as specified on the FAFSA, to receive federal financial assistance.
  • Financial information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be verified against federal tax documents, IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and other verification documents. Any conflicting information may result in changes, reductions, and/or cancellations of a financial assistance package.
  • All students receiving financial aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards their degree. For more information, please visit our SAP policy.
  • Academic Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum 3.25 Pepperdine cumulative GPA and remain in good academic and disciplinary standing. For more information, please visit Pepperdine's Scholarships and Other Assistance page.
  • All students receiving financial aid must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours per semester) to be eligible for some types of financial aid. Students enrolled less than full-time should refer to the pro-ration calculator/guide regarding the pro-ration of their aid before modifying their enrolled units. Furthermore, I understand that my grants/scholarships will be reduced if my enrollment is below full-time during the fall or spring terms and I am responsible for taking loans or finding other resources to cover the difference.
  • The Financial Assistance Office may share student information for the purposes of providing students with financial aid, including scholarships for which students may or may not have applied for.
  • I understand that my initial institutional financial assistance package will remain unchanged from one year to the next as long as I continue to qualify (after verification has been completed), even though tuition charges increase on an annual basis. (This does not apply to departmental or athletic scholarships, which are awarded at the discretion of the department.)
  • I understand that my Seaver College financial assistance notification applies only to Seaver College academic programs, specific to classes needed to complete my degree requirements, and this award is not valid at the other schools of Pepperdine University, including those portions of joint degree programs completed at other schools of the university.
  • I understand that only the first repeat of a passed course may be covered using federal financial aid funds. Any second or subsequent repetition of a passed course may not be covered using federal financial aid. Furthermore, I understand that only classes that count towards my degree requirements are eligible for federal funds.
  • I understand that if I withdraw from the University and received federal financial aid funds I may need to return federal aid to the appropriate programs based on Federal Regulations, 34 CFR parts 668, 682, and 685 Return of Title IV Aid (R2T4). The withdrawal date will determine the amount of unearned aid that must be returned. Review the R2T4 calculator for an estimate of your unearned aid if applicable.

Student Responsibilities

I understand that it is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Notify the Financial Assistance office in writing of any changes to the information used to determine your financial aid, including changes in financial, marital, room and board, health insurance, or academic status (including, but not limited to, changes in enrolled units) and respond to requests for information from the Financial Assistance Office. Failure to notify our office will result in a delay in adjusting your financial award, which may result in finance charges to your student account.
  • Complete all Financial Assistance To Do List items initiated on WaveNet in order to receive aid.
  • Notify the Financial Assistance Office of any other scholarships, grants, or loans extended to them from sources outside Pepperdine, even if they have been received directly by the student.
  • Authorize my parent(s) or any other user Guest Access through my WaveNet account. I understand that they will not be able to access my student account and/or financial assistance information without Guest Access.
  • Resolve technical and/or computer challenges regarding my Pepperdine email and WaveNet Accounts by contacting the HELP Desk at (310) 506-HELP (4357). Furthermore I understand that my Pepperdine email account is the official account and means of communication from the university. I will review, read, and take appropriate action as applicable.

I further understand that:

  • Any scholarship or grant assistance received in excess of tuition, fees, books, and required supplies may be subject to federal taxation.
  • Any funds received from federal, state, private, or institutional programs will be used only for expenses related to the cost of attendance at Pepperdine University, Seaver College.
  • I understand that per Federal Regulations, Pepperdine University will apply my Federal Title IV student aid, except for Federal Work Study wages, first to pay current term tuition, housing/meal plan charges contracted with the University, and association fees charged to all students. Furthermore, Pepperdine University is required to obtain my authorization prior to applying any remaining Federal Title IV student aid funds to other allowable educationally related charges for the current term/academic year. This authorization may be obtained and completed from my financial aid To do List in Wavenet.
  • Finance charges, late fees, fines, penalty fees, withdrawal fees, discretionary fees, and non-educational charges including but not limited to Health Insurance and Health Center fees can never be paid with Federal Title IV student aid.
  • Per Federal regulations 34 CFR 668.164(1) Uncashed federal aid refund checks will be voided and returned to the federal program if not cashed within 180 days of the processed date. Federal loans will be returned to the loan servicer to be applied to your applicable loan fund account. Federal grants will be returned to the program and are not recoverable. To avoid funds from being returned please sign-up for eRefund (electronic deposit to your bank account). If you have questions please contact your loan servicer. You may find your loan servicer by following the instructions in this link.

Types of Financial Aid

Grants and Scholarships:

Federal Grants

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), is only offered to Federal Pell grant recipients that have the lowest Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and meet the priority deadline. The grant is subject to cancellation if the recipient is deemed ineligible after verification.
  • Certain Federal Pell Grant-eligible students may be provided with funds to purchase books and supplies near the beginning of the payment period. Eligible students must have a Title IV credit balance to qualify. This means that the sum of your total disbursed federal aid would create the credit balance on your account. Funds are disbursed to eligible students that meet all required disbursement. Students that qualify may request a refund for the cost of their books and supplies, if applicable.
  • The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds a student may receive over his or her lifetime is limited to six years of Federal Pell Grant funding, beginning with the Fall 2012 term. The maximum amount of Federal Pell Grant funding a student can receive each year is equal to 100%. Thus, six-year equivalent is 600%. There are no grandfather clauses; it includes every semester you have ever received a Federal Pell Grant award. Furthermore, if I am given Federal Pell Grant funds and it is later discovered I am not eligible due to my aggregate maximum exceeded I will be responsible for accepting loan funds and/or finding other resources to fill this gap.

Federal TEACH Grant

  • The Federal TEACH Grant Program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete coursework needed to begin a career in teaching. As a condition for receiving a TEACH Grant, you must sign a Federal TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve in which you agree to (among other requirements) teach- in a high-need field; at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families; and for at least four complete academic years within eight years after completing (or ceasing enrollment in) the course of study for which you received the grant. For any 2023–24 TEACH Grant first disbursed on or after Oct. 1, 2023, and before Oct. 1, 2024, the maximum award of $4,000 is reduced by 5.7 percent ($228), resulting in a maximum award of $3,772.

Cal Grant

  • Cal Grant eligibility is dependent upon staying within or below the income and asset ceilings. If I am above the ceilings my Cal Grant will be cancelled and I will be offered loans to cover the difference. I may refer to the Cal Grant website for additional information regarding eligibility.
  • I may request in writing the Cal-Grant B stipend be paid directly to me. If I receive a refund from my stipend and/or federal funds, I am responsible for any outstanding balances on my student account. I will be unable to register in future terms if I have an outstanding balance.

Institutional Grants and Scholarships

  • Need-based grants/Merit scholarships provided by the University may not in themselves, or when combined with state grants, exceed the need level (as calculated by the federal formula) or cost of tuition. Furthermore, my aid cannot exceed the standard Cost of Attendance.
  • Departmental scholarships (Special Achievement Scholarships) are specific to the awarding department and may exceed tuition and fees but cannot exceed the standard cost of attendance.
  • I understand that a portion of my Pepperdine Grant/Scholarship may be replaced with private University scholarships and if so, I agree to participate in the stewardship thank-you letter (TYL) process to express my gratitude to the donor for his/her generosity according to the TYL guidelines as indicated on the website. Furthermore, I understand my scholarship will be cancelled and will not expend/disburse to my student account if I fail to complete the TYL.
  • I understand that information provided from other/third-party websites regarding Pepperdine University's institutional scholarships, grants, loans, or other statistical data may be unclear, misleading, and may provide a false sense of hope because all students that qualify for need-based aid may not receive institutional aid due to budgetary constraints.

Outside Scholarships

  • Outside scholarships may exceed tuition and fees, but cannot exceed the standard cost of attendance.


  • Institutional loans (Pepperdine Restricted Loan, Elkins Loan, Seaver Associate Loan, Seaver Institutional Loan, and Seaver Student Loan) require that I follow all instructions from the loan servicer, Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI), after it is accepted in WaveNet. I am required to complete the promissory note, disclosures, and self-certification according to the instructions provided by the lender. This process may take two weeks or longer to complete, and my loan will not disburse (and my financial hold will not be cleared) until all required documents are completed, submitted, and processed.
  • Private alternative loans require the same disclosures as institutional loans and may take two weeks or longer to process.
  • Federal Direct loan recipients are required by law to complete Entrance Counseling prior to the first loan disbursement. Upon separation from Pepperdine, I must complete Exit Counseling. These counseling sessions may be completed online at https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action.
  • By accepting a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan on my aid package, I consent to the U.S. Department of Education and its agents obtaining a copy of my credit record and using the information therein to determine my Federal Direct PLUS Loan eligibility. I will be notified in writing of the results of the credit check with respect to my loan application.
  • All loans are estimated, must be accepted, require separate applications, and may be adjusted due to changes in enrollment status, verification of income, or additions of other types of aid. Federal PLUS and alternative loans are based on credit and are subject to approval by the lending institution. Loan fees may be deducted from the loan proceeds prior to disbursement of the loan. I should follow up with my loan(s) status of approval and/or denial, and furthermore, the University cannot be responsible for my adverse credit.

**Please review our calendar regularly for other important dates and deadlines.