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Special Circumstances

Appeal Forms

Students and families occasionally experience unforeseen changes during the application period and/or academic year (job loss, illness, etc.). The Office of Financial Assistance has an Appeal Committee to review cases of extreme hardship or special circumstance(s). If this applies to you, please read and sign the appropriate appeal request form and follow the instructions on the bottom of the second page to submit an appeal.

All students requesting appeal funds must have an official FAFSA on file at Pepperdine at the time the appeal is submitted. An appeal submitted with insufficient documentation or not following appeal policies will be canceled after two weeks. All items listed on page one of the Appeal Request Form (under REQUIRED) must be submitted along with applicable documents in order for the appeal to be reviewed. Students requesting appeal funds are required to accept and borrow the student loans offered on their financial assistance award when available.

Early Action and Incoming Appeals: (All student loans must be accepted on WaveNet after May 1 deposit deadline and processed when available).  Approved appeal funds will be revoked if you do not accept and borrow student loans, adhere to the appeal awarding policies, or if your student loans are canceled later in the school year. Appeal funds will only apply to tuition. Contact the office if you are unsure of your tuition grant percentage.

DO NOT make any changes after you have submitted the appeal unless additional documentation is requested. Appeals are approved on an annual basis. If you need to make changes, contact our office for authorization and instructions on how to proceed.

We request that every parent complete the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan online credit check at www.studentaid.gov, which takes approximately 15 minutes. If approved, you are not required to accept the loan, but please provide an explanation in your appeal statement explaining why the PLUS Loan cannot be processed. If denied, the student may be eligible to receive an additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan up to a $4,000 as a Freshman/Sophomore or $5,000 as a Junior/Senior.

Re-evaluation of your financial assistance eligibility is subject to federal, state and university policies and regulations, the availability of funds, and adhering to the Appeal Awarding Policies.
Appeal decisions are final. DO NOT resubmit a future appeal based on the same circumstances.

  • 2020-2021 General Appeal Request Form
    –  Begins July 1 - April 2

  • 2021 Spring Incoming Appeal Request Form
    – Begins November 16 - April 2
    – Priority Deadline ends November 22
  • 2021-2022 Early Action Appeal Request Form
    – Begins January 18 - February 1
  • 2021-2022 Incoming Appeal Request Form
    – Begins March 22 - April 11
    – Priority Deadline ends April 2
  • 2022 Summer Appeal Request Form
    – Begins TBD
  • 2021-22 Fifth Year Senior Appeal Form
    – Begins April 1 - Ends December 1
    – Seniors who need to appeal for an additional semester or year are required to request funding by completing the Fifth Year Senior Appeal Form and following all instructions.