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Student Thank You Letter Information

Many Pepperdine University scholarships are funded through the generosity of private donors and foundations. These scholarships are awarded annually, provided that funds are made available from the donors. Historically, student thank you letters have helped to ensure continued scholarship funding from donors and foundations.

The Office of Financial Assistance requests these letters and possible supplemental request(s) before the Fall semester begins and throughout the school year from Seaver College recipients of certain scholarships. The Advancement Office ensures that the appropriate letters and supplemental request(s) are received from the recipients and forwarded to the donors.

Priority deadline to submit your Thank You Letter and supplemental request(s) for scholarships renewal is August 21.

If you are awarded a scholarship after the priority deadline, please submit your letter as soon as you receive your link with instructions. Your scholarship will not disburse until your thank you letter has been completed. If not submitted, your scholarship may be cancelled.


I have submitted my Thank You Letter but it is still showing on my "To Do List"?

Please be patient with us, as it may take some time to process documentation during our high-volume time of year. If you submitted your letter and it has been more than 5 business day send us an email to finaid2@pepperdine.edu.

I sent in my Thank You Letter to the office in an email but it is still showing on my "To Do List"

Do not send us your Thank You Letter via email! The Thank You Letter process is solely an online submission via our scholarship website. You will receive an email link for further instructions when your scholarship is awarded.


I am not sure how to write the Thank You Letter, what do I need to include?

View this link with guidelines  to help you compose your letter. You will be asked to resubmit the letter through the scholarship website if it does not meet the criteria listed. This may impede the funds disbursing timely on your account.